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The turtles, snakes, frogs and other reptiles and amphibians of New England and the north/Lizards

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LIZARDS. Lacertilia.

Blue-tailed Lizard-TSF 0019.jpg

1. Blue-tailed Lizard. Eumeces fasciatus.

Length, ten inches; dark olive or reddish-brown, with five yellow stripes; tail, bright blue, white underneath.

2. Six-striped Lizard. Cnemidophorus sexlineatus.

Length, eight inches; brown, with three yellow and black lines on each side.

3. Glass Snake. Ophisaurus ventralis.

Length, twenty-five inches; greenish-brown, sides yellowish; no legs; tail very fragile.

4. Common Lizard. Swift. Sceloporus unduiatus.

Length, seven inches; green or bronze, with black bands above; throat and belly, blue and black.

All are rare in New England, but found in the West and South.