Thomas Grey

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Thomas Grey may refer to:
  1. Grey, Thomas (1451-1501), 1st Marquis of Dorset
  2. Grey, Thomas (1477-1530), 2nd Marquis of Dorset
  3. Grey, Thomas (d.1614), 15th and last Baron Grey of Wilton
  4. Grey, Thomas (1623?-1657), Baron Grey of Groby, regicide
  5. Grey, Thomas (1654-1720), second Earl of Stamford, statesman
  6. Grey, Thomas Philip de (1781-1859), Earl de Grey, elder son of Thomas Robinson

Or confused withThomas Gray

  1. Gray, Thomas (d.1369?), author of the ‘Scala-chronica,’ son of Sir Thomas Gray
  2. Gray, Thomas (1716-1771), poet, son of Philip Gray
  3. Gray, Thomas (1787-1848), railway pioneer & author