Three Books of Occult Philosophy/Book 1/Chapter 30

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found in the whole world is made according to the governments of the Planets, and accordingly receives its vertue. So in Fire the enlivening light thereof is under the government of the Sun, the heat of it under Mars, in the Earth, the various superficies thereof under the Moon, and Mercury; and the starry Heaven, the whole mass of it under Saturne, but in the middle Elements, Aire is under Jupiter, and Water the Moon, but being mixed are under Mercury, and Venus. In like manner naturall active causes observe the Sun, the matter the Moon, the fruitfulness of active causes Jupiter, the fruitfullness of the matter, Venus, the sudden effecting of any thing, Mars, and Mercury, that for his vehemency, this for his dexterity, and manifold vertue: But the permanent continuation of all things is ascribed to Saturne. Also amongst Vegetables, every thing that bears fruit is from Jupiter, and every thing that bears Flowers is from Venus, all Seed, and Bark is from Mercury, and all roots from Saturne, and all Wood from Mars, and leaves from the Moon. Wherefore, all that bring forth fruit, and not Flowers, are of Saturne and Jupiter, but they that bring forth Flowers, and Seed, and not fruit, are of Venus, and Mercury; These which are brought forth of their own accord without Seed, are of the Moon, and Saturn; All beauty is from Venus, all strength from Mars, and every Planet rules, and disposeth that which is like to it. Also in stones, their weight, Clamminess, and Sliptickness is of Saturne, their use, and temperament of Jupiter, their hardness from Mars, their life from the Sun, their beauty and fairness from Venus, their occult vertue from Mercury, and their common use from the Moon.