Three Books of Occult Philosophy/Book 1/Chapter 43

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So they say that fumes made with Lin-seed, and Flea-bane seed, and roots of Violets, and Parsly, doth make one to fore-see things to come, and doth conduce to prophecying. Let no man wonder how great things suffumigations can do in the Aire, especially when he shall with Porphyrius consider, that by certain vapours exhaling from proper suffumigations, airy spirits are presently raised, as also Thundrings, and Lightnings, and such like things. As the Liver of a Chamelion being burnt on the top of the house, doth, as it is manifest, raise showers, and Lightnings. In like manner the head, and throat, if they be burnt with Oken wood, cause Storms, and Lightnings. There are also suffumigations under opportune influencies of Stars, that make the images of spirits forthwith appear in the Aire, or elswhere. So they say, that if of Coriander, Smallage, Henbane, and hemlock be made a fume, that spirits will presently come together; hence they are called spirits Hearbs. Also it is said that a fume made of the root of the reedy Hearb Sagapen, with the juice of Hemlock, and Henbane, and the Hearb Tapsus Barbatus, red Sanders, and black Poppy, makes spirits and strange shapes appear: and if Smallage be added to them, chaseth away spirits from any place, and destroyes their visions. In like manner a fume made of Calamint, Peony, Mints, and Palma Christi, drives away all evil spirits, and vain imaginations. Moreover it is said that by certain fumes certain Animals are gathered together, and put to flight, as Pliny mentions concerning the stone Liparis, that with the fume thereof all beasts are called out; so the bones in the upper part of the throat of a Hart, being burnt, gather all the Serpents together, but the horn of the Hart being burnt doth with its fume chase them all away. The same doth a fume of the feathers of Peacocks. Also the lungs of an Asse being burnt, puts all poisonous things to flight; the fume of the burnt hoof of a Horse drives away Mice, the same doth the hoof of a Mule, with which also if it be the hoof of the left foot, Flies are driven away; And they say, if a house or any place be smoaked with the gall of a Cutle fish, made into a confection with red Storax, Roses, and Lignum-aloes, and if then there be some Sea Water, or blood cast into that place, the whole house will seem to be full of Water, or blood; and if some Earth of plowed ground be cast there, the Earth will seem to quake. Now such kinds of vapours we must conceive do infect any body, and infuse a vertue into it, which doth continue long, even as any contagious, or poisonous vapour of the Pestilence, being kept for two yeers in the Wall of a house, infect the inhabitants, and as the contagion of Pestilence, or Leprosie lying hid in a garment, doth long after infect him that wears it. Therefore were certain suffumigations used to images, rings, and such like instruments of Magick, and hid treasures, and as Porphyrius saith, very effectually. So they say, if any one shall hide Gold, or Silver, or any other pretious thing, the Moon being in conjunction with the Sun, and shall fume the place with Coriander, Saffron, Henbane, Smallage, and black Poppy, of each a like quantity, bruised together, and tempered with the juice of Hemlock, that which is so hid shall never be found, or taken away, and that spirits shall continually keep it: and if any one shall endeavour to take it away, he shall be hurt by them, and shall fall into a frensie. And Hermes saith, that there is nothing like the fume of Sperma Ceti for the raising of spirits: wherefore if a fume be made of that, and Lignum-aloes, Pepperwort, Musk, Saffron, red Storax tempered together, with the blood of a Lapwing, it will quickly gather airy spirits together, and if it be used about the graves of the dead, it gathers together spirits, and the Ghosts of the dead. So, as often as we direct any work to the Sun, we must make suffumigations with Solary things, if to the Moon, with Lunary things, and so of the rest. And we must know, that as there is a contrariety and enmity in Stars, and spirits, so also in suffumigations unto the same. So there is also a contrariety betwixt Lignum-aloes, and Sulphur, Frankincense, and Quick-silver, and spirits that are raised by the fume of Lignum-aloes, are allayed by the burning of Sulphur. As Proclus gives an example of a spirit, which was wont to appear in the form of a Lion, but by the setting of a Cock before it, vanished away, because there is a contrariety betwixt a Cock, and a Lyon, and so the like consideration, and practise is to be observed concerning such like things.

We make a suffumigation for the Sun in this manner, viz. of Saffron, Amber-gryse, Musk, Lignum-aloes, Lignum-balsaim, the fruit of the Laurell, Cloves, Myrrh, and Frankincense, all which being bruised, and mixt in such a proportion as may make a sweet odour, must be incorporated with the brain of an Eagle, or the blood of a white Cock, after the manner of Pils, or Trochiscks.

For the Moon we make a suffumigation of the head of a Frog dryed, the eyes of a Bull, the seed of white Poppy, Frankincense, and Camphir, which must be incorporated with Menstruous blood, or the blood of a Goose.

For Saturne take the seed of black Poppy, of Henbane, root of Mandrake, the Load-stone, and Myrrh, and make them up with the brain of a Cat, or the blood of a Bat.

For Jupiter take the seed of Ash, Lignum-aloes, Storax, the gum Benjamin, the Lazule stone, the tops of the feathers of a Peacock, and incorporate them with the blood of a Stork, or a Swallow, or the brain of a Hart.

For Mars take Euphorbium, Bdellium, gum Armoniack, the roots of both Hellebors, the Load stone, and a little Sulphur, and incorporate them all with the brain of a Hart, the blood of a Man, and the blood of a black Cat.

For Venus take Musk, Amber-gryse, Lignum-aloes, red Roses, and red Corall, and make them up with the brain of Sparrows, and the blood of Pigeons.

For Mercury take Mastick, Frankincense, Cloves, and the Hearb [ herb] Cinquefoile, and the stone Achates, and incorporate