Three Books of Occult Philosophy/Book 1/Chapter 48

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Of the vertue of places, and what places are sutable to every Star.

THere be wonderfull vertues of places accompanying them, either from things there placed, or by the influences of the Stars, or in any other way. For as Pliny relates of a Cuckow, in what place any one doth first hear him, if his right foot be marked about and, and that foot-step digged up, there will no Fleas be bred in that place where it is scattered. So they say that the dust of the track of a Snake being gathered up, and scattered amongst Bees, makes them return to their hives. So also that the dust, in which a Mule hath rolled himself, being cast upon the Body, doth mitigate the heat of love, and that the dust wherein a Hawk hath rolled her self, if it be bound to the body in a bright red cloth, cures the quartane. So doth the stone taken out of the nest of a Swallow, as they say, presently relieve those that have the falling sickness, and being bound to the party, continually preserve them, especially if it be rolled in the blood, or heart of a Swallow. And it is reported That if any one shall cut a veine, and being fasting, shall go over a place where any one lately fell with the fit of a Falling sickness, that he shall fall into the same disease. And Pliny reports, that to fasten an Iron naile in that place where he that fell with a fit of the Falling sickness first pitched his head, will free him from his disease. So they say that an Hearb growing upon the head of any image, being gathered, and bound up in some part of ones garment with a red thread, shall presently allay the headach; and that any Hearb gathered out of the brooks or rivers before Sun rising, and no body see him that gathers it, shall cure the Tertian, if it be bound to the left arm, the sick party not knowing what is done. But amongst places that are appropriated to the Stars, all stinking places, dark, underground, religious, and monrnfull places, as Church-yards, tombes, and houses not inhabited by men, and old, tottering, obscure, dreadfull houses, and solitary dens, caves, and pits, also fish-ponds, standing pools, fennes, and such like are appropriated to Saturne. Unto Jupiter are ascribed all privileged places, Consistories of noble men, Tribunals, Chaires, places for Exercises, Schools, and all beautifull, and clean places, scattered, or sprinkled with divers odours. To Mars, fiery, and bloody places, furnaces, bake-houses, shambles, places of execution, and places where there have been great battailes fought, and slaughters made, and the like. To the Sun, light places, the Serene Aire, Kings Pallaces, and Princes Courts, Pulpits, Theators, Thrones, and all kingly, and Magnificent places. To Venus, pleasant fountains, green Meadows, flowrishing Gardens, garnished beds, stews (and according to Orpheus) the sea, the sea shore, baths, dancing-places, and all places belonging to women. To Mercury, shops, schools, ware-houses, Exchange for Merchants, and the like. To the Moon, wildernesses, woods, rocks, hils, mountains, forrests, fountains, waters, rivers, seas, sea-shores, ships, groves, high-waies, and granaries for Corn, and such like. Upon this account they that endeavor to procure love, are wont to bury for a certain time the instruments of their art, whether they be rings, images, looking-glasses, or any other, or hide them in a stew house, because in that place they will contract some venerall faculty, no otherwise then things that stand in stinking places, become stinking, and those in an Aromaticall place, become Aromaticall, and of a sweet savour. The four corners of the Earth also pertain to this matter. Hence they that are to gather a Saturnall, Martiall, or Joviall Hearb, must look towards the East, or South, partly because they desire to be orientall from the Sun, and partly, because of their principall houses, viz.> Aquarius, Scorpius,Sagittarius are Southern signes, so also are Capricornus, and Pisces. But they that will gather a Venerall, Mercuriall. or Lunary Hearb, must look towards the West, because they delight to be western, or else they must look Northward, because their principall houses, viz. Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo are Northern signes, so in any Solary work we must look towards the Eas, or South, but rather towards the Solary body, and light.

Chapter xlix. Of Light, Colours, Candles, and Lamps, and to what Stars, Houses, and Elements severall colours are ascribed.[edit]

Light also is a quality that partakes much of form, and is a simple act, and a representation of the understanding: it is first diffused from the Mind of God into all things, but in God the Father, the Father of Light, it is the first true light; then in the Son a beautifull overflowing brightness, and in the Holy Ghost a burning brightness, exceeding all Intelligencies; yea, as Dyonisius saith, of Seraphins, In Angels therefore it is a shining intelligence diffused, an abundant joy beyond all bounds of reason yet received in divers degrees, according to the Nature of the intelligence that receives it; Then it descends into the Celestiall bodies, where it becomes a store of life, and an effectuall propagation, even a visible splendor. In the fire a certain naturall liveliness infused into it by the heavens. And lastly in men, it is a clear discourse of reason, an knowledge of divine things, and the whole rationall: but this is manifold, either