Transactions of the Geological Society, 1st series, vol. 2/Index

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Aberfoyle, on the Rocks in the Neighbourhood of 446
Adits, in the mining District of Cornwall 129
Ailsa Craig, Mineralogical Observations on 417
Alcyonia, Fossil, on some new Varoieties of 377
──────────── Strata in which they are found 384
──────────── of Purbeck, Weymouth and Portland 385
Alluvial Depositions of Tin in Cornwall 342
───────────── above the Basalt of Staffa 506
───────────── around London 231
──────────────────────, Fossils found in the 241
Alum Bay, in the Isle of Wight, description of 181
Alumine, Sub-sulphat of, found at Newhaven in Sussex 191
Amworth, Vitrified Fort of 272
Amygdaloid of the Isle of Man 45
────── of Burnt-Island, remarkable Vein in the 440
Appin, District of, Quartz Rock in the 473
Artsaig, District of, Quartz Rock in the 473
Arran, Island of, Observations on the Granite of Goatfield in the 426
Assynt, District of, Mineralogical Observations on the 408
────── Limestone of the 408
────── Quartz Rock of the 458
Augite, Rock composed of, with Felspar, in the Island of Rum 402
Bagshot Heath, Sand of 224
Bakewell, Mr. R. An account of the Coalfield at Bradford near Manchester 282
Basalt of Raasa, Contortions of the 439
───── of Staffa, Different varieties of the 502
Basaltic, Columnar, forms of the Lava of Teneriffe 290
Basin, Hampshire or Isle of Wight, extent of the 170
───── London, extent of the 171
───── Paris, description of the 161
Beachey Head, Strata at 192
Bell-metal Ore, a Sulphuret of Tin found in Cornwall 343
Bennet, the Hon. H. G. Some account of the Island of Teneriffe 286
Berger, Dr. Mineralogical account of the Isle of Man 29
Binstead, Isle of Wight, Strata at 212
Bistre, on the nature of 27
Bitumens, Analogy between these and certain Products obtained in the Distillation of Wood 8
Bognor, Rocks at 190208
Bogs, Account of the black matter deposited in 24
Boharm, Mineralogical Observations on the Neighbourhood of 430
Bowlders, Observations on the Formation of 7178
Bradford, Coalfield of, account of the 282
Brentford, Strata at 108
Brighton, Cliffs at 176
Brine Springs at Droitwich, account of the 94
Bromley, Strata at 196
Burnt-Island, Compound Vein of Limestone and Basalt, traversing the Amygdaloid at 440
Calbourne, Isle of Wight, Quarries at 228
Calcaire Grossier, in the Paris Basin 201
Chabasite of Staffa 504
Chalcedony, Vegetable Remains preserved in 510
──────── Green, of the Island of Rum 403
Chalk, on the Strata lying over the 161
───── of the South of England 173
───── without flints, 174—with flints, 174—Grey, 174—hard and soft, 174—of France, 175
Chalk Marl, in the South of England 173
Cheese Wring, one of the Granite Tors of Cornwall, described 69
Chlorite, peculiar forms of, in Chalcedony 512
Chlorophane, found in Cornwall 344
Chrysalis of a lepidopterous Insect inclosed in Chalcedony 527
Clay, Plastic, above the Chalk in England 166
—London, description of the 187
Clay Porphyry, Vein of, near St. Davidis 88
Clay-slate of the Isle of Man 37
───── Remarkable variety of 431
Clay-slate, alternating with Graywacke 442447
Clovelly, North Devon, Memoranda relative to 495
Coal, on the Composition of 14
──── on the Origin of 20
──── Strata, remarkable position of, at Bradford 283
Coalfield at Bradford, account of the 282
Colwell Bay, Fossil Oyster Shells at 216
Columnar Structure of the Syenite of Ailsa Craig 419
Conybeare, the Rev. W. On the Origin of a remarkable Class of Organic Impressions occurring in Nodules of Flint 328
Conybeare, the Rev. J. J. Memoranda relative to Clovelly 495
Contortions in Mica Slate, Basalt, Veins of Granite and Quartz 438
Corfe Castle, Clay Pits near 186
Cornwall, on the Granite Tors of 66
─────── on the Veins of 110
─────── on the Economy of the Mines of 309
─────── on the Oxyd of Tin found in 336
Country, meaning of the term as used by the Cornish Miners 113
───── Nature of in Cornwall, where different Veins occur 131
Cowes, Isle of Wight, Strata at 211212
Crag Pits in Suffolk 218
Craig Phadric, Vitrified Fort on the Hill of 270
Crinan Harbour, Rocks in the Neighbourhood of 441
Cross Courses, or North and South Veins, in Cornwall 133
Crystallization from vaporized Minerals 276
──────── Observations on some Phenomena of 431, 432, 437, 514
Culver Cliff, Isle of Wight 163
Devar, near Campbelltown, Porphyry of 423
Devonshire, on the Economy of the Mines of 309
Divining Rod, still used in Cornwall 124
Dorsetshire, Chalk Hills of 170
Drannack Copper Mine in Cornwall, description of 146
Drigg, in Cumberland, Vitreous Tubes found near 528
Droitwich, Account of the Brine Springs at 94
Droylsden, Coalfield of 283
Dunglas, Agates of, containing Vegetable Remains 510
Dun Mac Sniochain, Vitrified Fort of the Hill of 257
————————— Mineralogical Examination of 262
Egg, Island of Mineralogical Observations on the 407
Englefield, Sir Henry, Observations on the Chalk of the Isle of Wight 163
Fancy Copper Mine, Description of 149
Fluor, some remarkable Varieties of 345
Fossil, Organic Remains, in Chalk 178
——————————— in the lower Marine Formation above the Chalk 204
——————————— in the lower Freshwater Formation 210
——————————— in the upper Marine Formation above the Chalk 219
——————————— in the upper Freshwater Formation 229
——————————— in the Alluvium around London 241
——————————— Siliceous, at Feversham 195
——————————— of Hippurites 277
——————————— Remarkable Class of in Flint 328
——————————— of some new Varieties of Alcyonia 377
Freshwater Formation in the Isle of Wight, Lower 210
—————————————————— Upper 226
—————————— in the Basin of Paris 214
—————————— Conjectures respecting the Origin of 248
Garnet Rock in the Isle of Man 48
Gatacre House, Vitrified Wall of 273
Globular Siliceous Rock in the Shiant Isles and in Sky 396
Gold found in Cornwall 342
Goniometer of Dr. Wollaston, great utility of the 346
Granite, of the Isle of Man, containing Galena 36
——— of the Island of Arran, not stratified 427
————————————— Magnetic 430
——— of Labrador, containing Garnets 491
——— on the Decomposition of and its Disposition to split into blocks 70
Granite Graphic, of Rona 391
────────── Hutton's Theory of, objected to 432
──── Veins of, at Portsoy, Observations on the 433
────────── Contortions of 439
──── Tors of, in Cornwall, Remarks on the 66
Gravel around London, Remarks on the 231
Graywacke, of the Isle of Man 39
─────── of Aberfoyle 447
─────── of Clovelly, Contortions in the 497
─────── alternating with Clay Slate 442447
─────── Observations on the term 93444
Greenstone Porphyry, near St. David's 86
Greenstone, Observations on the term 393
Green Sandstone Stratum, in the Isle of Wight 382
Grey Weathers, Description of the 224
Gypsum accompanies the Salt Springs at Droitwich 95
────── of the Isle of Purbeck 166
────── of Newhaven, in Sussex 191
────── of the Paris Basin 214
Hall, sir James, Observations on his Experiments on the Action of Heat modified by Compression, on Vegetable Matter 20
Hampstead Heath, Sand of 224
Headon Hill, Isle of Wight, Description of 184
Heat, modified by Compression, its Action on Vegetable Matter 21
──── Effect of, on the Rocks at the Vitrified Fort of Dun Mac Sniochain 266
Heliotrope of the Island of Rum 408
Herland Copper Mine, Description of 146
───────────── North, Description of 149
Hertfordshire Pudding Stone, Description of the 225
Highgate Hill, Account of the Strata of 197
Hippurites, Observations on some Specimens of 277
Hogs-Back, near Guildford, Description of the Chalk of the 172
Hordwell Cliffs, Fossils of 189
Horner, Mr. L. Account of the Brine Springs at Droitwich 94
Hornblende and Felspar, Rocks near St. David's composed of, and peculiarity of their Structure 808389
Hornstone of the Shiant Isles 395
─────── Observations on the term 396
Huel Alfred Copper Mine, Description of 157
Huel Jewel Mine, Description of some of the Veins in 155
Huel Damsel Mine, Description of some of the Veins in 155
Hutton's Theory of Graphic Granite objected to 432
Isla, Island of, Mineralogical Observations on the 413
Isle of Man, Mineralogical Account of the 29
Isle of Sheppey, Description of the 192
Isle of Wight, On the Freshwater Formations in the 161
──────── Basin of the 170
──────── Some new varieties of Alcyonia found in the 377
Jura, Island of, Mineralogical Observations on the 450
Kentish Rag, Description of the 166
Kidd, Dr. Notes on the Mineralogy of the Neighbourhood of St. David's, Pembrokeshire 79
Killas, the term, an improper substitute for Graywacke 446
──── of Cornwall, Observations on the 499
Killin, Mineralogical Observations in the Neighbourhood of 437
Kimmeridge Coal, the bed containing it 167
Labrador, on the Geology of the Coast of 488
────── Felspar, Locality of 492
────── Hornblende, Locality of 493
Lapis Ollaris, found in Labrador 491
Lava, peculiar Species of, in the Island of Teneriffe 303
Lead Mines of the Isle of Man 50
Lead Mine of Tyndrum 479
Lightning supposed to have vitrified Sand 531
Lignites, on the Nature of 17
Limestone of the Isle of Man 41
────── of the District of Assynt 408
────── of Isla, not a Floetz Limestone 416
────── of Loch Laggan, containing Hornblende 435
Lode, Etymology of 110
Loch Laggan, Limestone of 435
Loch Lomond, Contortions in the Mica Slate at 438
Logging Rock of Cornwall, Description of the 67
London Clay, Description of the 187
London Gravel, Remarks on the 231
Lorn, Puddingstone of 264
Mac Culloch, Dr. On certain products obtained in the Distillation of Wood, with some account of Bituminous Substances and Remarks on Coal 1
─────────── On the Granite Tors of Cornwall 60
─────────── Remarks on the vitrified Forts of Scotland 235
─────────── On the Sublimation of Silica 275
─────────── On the Junction of Trap and Sandstone at Stirling Castle 305
─────────── Miscellaneous Remarks accompanying a Catalogue of Specimens 383
─────────── Remarks on several parts of Scotland which exhibit Quartz Rock, and on the nature and connexion of this Rock in general 450
─────────── On Staffa 501
─────────── On Vegetable remains preserved in Chalcedony 510
Macles of Oxyd of Tin 366
Magnesian Limestone of the Isle of Man 43
Man, Isle of, Mineralogical Account of the 29
─────── General Description of the Extent and Form, 31, 34;—Rivers of 34;—Compound Rocks in situ, 36;-Compound Rocks not in situ, 46, 50;—Simple Minerals in situ, 50, 58;—Simple Minerals not in situ, 58;-Temperature of Springs, 60;—Height of Mountains, 62
Manor Old Vein, in Cornwall, Description of 151
Mar, District of, Quartz Rock in the 473
Marble in the District of Assynt 412
Marine Formation over the Chalk, Lower 181
────────────────────Upper 215
Marl of the Isle of Man 54
── under the Pitchstone Porphyry of the Island of Egg 408
Marl in the South-east part of England 166
─── Greenish, in the Isle of Wight 169
─── Chalk, Description of 173
Meteorological Observations on the Coast of Labrador 489
Mica Slate, Contortions of, at Loch Lomond 438
Mines of Cornwall and Devon, on the economy of the 309
────────────────── The nature of the agreements between the owner of the soil and the mine adventurers 311
────────────────── The arrangements between the partners or adventurers themselves 313
────────────────── The mode of employing and paying the miners and workmen 316
────────────────── The purchase of the materials employed for carrying on the undertaking 323
────────────────── The Sale of the Ores from the mine adventurers to the Smelting Companies 323
Mountains in the Isle of Man, Height of the 62
─────── in Labrador 491
Needles, Isle of Wight, Strata at the 163
Newhaven, Sussex, Strata at 191
───────────────── the Fossils of the 223
Nodules, Calcareous, in the London Clay 187
───── Siliceous, in the Stone of Tillywhim, Dorsetshire 236
Nomenclature, the imperfections of in Rocks 390
—————— Proposed modifications of in the terms Graywacke 93444448499
Greenstone and Greenstone Slate 393
Hornstone 369
Killas 446499
Porphyry 424
Quartz Rock 457485
Rocks of Transition 442470
Sienite 93419
Trap 399
North Downs, Hills composing the 171.
Organic Impressions, a remarkable class of, in Flint 328
Paris, Basin of Description of the 161
Parkinson, Mr. J. Observations on some Specimens of Hippurite, from Sicily 277
Peak of Teneriffe, Height of the 286
─────────── Description of an ascent to the top of the 291
Pebbles of the London Gravel 232
───────────────── Concentric 233
Phillips, Mr. W. On the Veins of Cornwall 110
────────── A Description of the Oxyd of Tin 336
Plasma, supposed to exist in the Island of Rum 407
───── probably owes its colour to Chlorite 513
Plastic Clay of the South of England 185
─────── of the Paris Basin 200
Pleasure Copper Mine, Description of 149
Plumstead, Fossils at 223
Plumbago, a substance resembling, obtained by artificial means 24
Portland Stone, Fossil Alcyonia in the 383
Porphyry, Objections to the term as commonly used 424
Portsoy, on the Granite Veins at 432
Portsmouth, Strata under 189
Prase, a variety of, found in the island of Rona 392
Prince George Copper Mine, Description of 148
Purbeck, Isle of, Freshwater Formation of the 166
Quadrupeds, Fossil Bones of, in the South of England 244
Quartz, granular, called Grey Weathers 224
Quartz Rock, found in Scotland, and on the Nature and Connexion of this Rock in general 450
─────── its principal modifications 453480
─────── is a mechanical deposit 455482
─────── lies under primitive rocks 456
─────── alternates with primitive rocks, 468470486
─────── peculiar appearance of the mountains composed of 468
─────── of Assynt 458
─────── of Schihallien 466
─────── of the District of Mar 471
Quartz Rock of the District of Appin 473
───────────────── Arisaig 473
─────── of the Island of Sky 473
─────── of Tyndrum, containing galena 479
─────── Schistose, in the group of mountains called Ben-na-Vear, Argylleshire 475
Reading, Strata at 198
Rock-Salt, the Brine Springs at Droitwich derived from 98
Rona, Island of, Mineralogical Observations on the 391
Rotherhithe, Strata at 197
Rum, Island ol, Mineralogical Observations on the 401
Rutile, found near Killin 437
Ryegate Fire Stone, Description of the 166
St. David's, On the Mineralogy of the neighbourhood of 79
Sand, White, of Alum Bay 185
────Green, over the Chalk 187
──── Vitrified, supposed to be the effect of lightning 531
Sandstone, Old Red, the Droitwich Brine Springs occur in the 95
──────────── cuts off the Coal Measures at Bradford 283
─────── under the Chalk in the South of England 166
─────── over the Chalk in the South of England 227
Sappare, found at Boharm 430
Schihallien, Mountain of, Rocks composing the 466
Septaria in the London Clay 187
Sheppey, Isle of, Description of the 192
Shiant Isles, Description of the 394
Silica, on the sublimation of 275
────Appearances of a partial solution of, on the Surface of some Rocks 392
Silicified Wood, in the Island of Egg 408
Sky, Island of, Quartz Rock in the 473
Slaty Rock, peculiar kind of, near St. David's 7985
South Downs, Hills composing the 171
Springs, Temperature of, in the Isle of Man 60
Staffa, Remarks on 501
Stfafa, a bed of alluvial matter on the surface of 506
Steinhauer, the Rev. Mr. Notice relative to the Geology of the Coast of Labrador 488
Stifford, Strata at 196
Stirling Castle, Junction of the Trap and Sandstone at 305
Spheroidal Forms in the structure of Rocks, and their tendency to assume these forms when decomposing, Observations on the 76
Stonehenge, Nature of the Stones at 225
Stream Tin, Occurrence of in Cornwall 342
Strata, General Order of the, in the South-east part of England 166
──── posterior to the London Clay 169
Stubbington, near Portsmouth, Strata at 189
Sulphur of Tenerife 299
Sulphuret of Tin found in Cornwall 343
Syenite, associated with Mica Slate 437
Taylor, Mr. J. On the Economy of the Mines of Cornwall and Devon 309
Teneriffe, Island of, some account of the 286
Tides, great height of, on the Coast of Labrador 494
Tin, Oxyd of, Description of the 336
─────── Not confined to primitive Rocks 338
─────── Uniformity of the crystalline forms of in particular Veins 339
─────── Alluvial Depositions of the 342
─────── Rocks that contain the 343
─────── Specific Characters of the 350
─────── Primitive Crystal and Modifications of the 351
─────── Macles of the 366
Tin Croft Copper and Tin Mine, Description of 152
Tol Carn Copper Mine, Description of 155
Tourmaline, in the Granite of Portsoy 433
─────── Peculiar appearances in some Crystals of 433434
Transition Rocks, Objections to such a division 449486
Trap and Sandstone, Junction of, and Induration of the Sandstone 305
Vegetable Remains found in Chalcedony 510
──────────────────────── Mode of detecting 518
Veins of Cornwall, Description of the 110
─────────── Direction and length of the 113
─────────── Underlie of the 114
─────────── Depth of the 115
─────────── Width of the 116
─────────── Denominations of the Metalliferous 117
─────────── Symptoms in the 120
─────────── Discovery of the 155
─────────── Contents of the Metalliferous 126
─────────── North and South, or Cross Courses 136
─────────── Slide 136
─────────── Heave of the 117
─────────── Feeder 138—Leader 138—the Centre 139
Vein of Limestone and Basalt traversing Amygdaloid 440
Vitreous Tubes found near Drigg 528
Vitrified Forts of Scotland, on the 255
──── Fort of Dun Mac Sniochain 257
─────── of Craig Phadric 270
─────── of Amworth 272
Vitrified Wall of Gatacre House 273
Vixen Torr, on Dartmoor, Description of the 70
Volcanic Rocks of the Island of Teneriffe 283
Walton, in Essex, Cliffs at 199
Water, Action of, on Turf or submerged Wood, converting them into substances capable of yielding Bitumen on Distillation 10
Wavellite, found in the Shiant Isles 397
Webster, Mr. T. On the Freshwater Formations in the Isle of Wight, with some Observations on the Strata over the Chalk in the South-east part of England 161
────────── On some new varieties of Fossil Alcyonia 377
Western Lines, Isle of Wight, Fossils at 380
Wight, Isle of, On the Chalk and more recent Strata of the 161
Wolfram, in the Granite of Rona 391
Wood, on certain products, obtained in the Distillation of 1
Wood Tin, a particular form of the Oxyd 341
Woolwich, Strata at 176195221

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