Translation:Declaration of War Against the United States, by Benito Mussolini. Italy, December 11, 1941

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Declaration of War against the United States  (1941) 
by Benito Mussolini, translated from Italian by Wikisource
An original translation by the members of the Wikimedia community

Fighters of land, sea, and air;

blackshirts of the revolution and of the legions;

men and women of Italy, of the Empire, and of the Kingdom of Albania:


This is another day of solemn decisions in the history of Italy, and of memorable events destined to imprint a new course in the history of the continents.

The powers of the Pact of Steel, fascist Italy and national-socialist Germany, ever more closely united, stand beside heroic Japan against the United States of America. The Tripartite has grown into a military alliance that amasses around its flags 250 million men resolute for victory in everything.

Neither the Axis nor Japan desired the expansion of this conflict. One man, a single man, an authentic democratic despot, through an infinite series of provocations, deceiving with a supreme fraud the very populations of his own county, has desired this war and has prepared it day by day with diabolical pertinacity.

The formidable blows which have already been inflicted over the immense expanse of the Pacific against the American forces demonstrate the resoluteness of the soldiers of the Rising Sun. I say, and you all feel, that it is a privilege to fight with them. Today the Tripartite Alliance, in the fullness of its moral and material means, is a powerful instrument for war and the secure guarantee of victory; tomorrow it will be the creator and organizer of a just peace between the peoples.

Italian men and women, standing once again, be worthy of this great hour.

We will be victorious!

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