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"Departing from Baidi in the Morning (白帝城)," by Li Bai

Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese Pinyin
白帝彩雲 白帝彩云 zhāo cí Báidì cǎiyún jiān
千里江陵一日 千里江陵一日 qiānlǐ Jiānglíng yīrì huán
不住 不住 liǎng àn yuán shēng tí búzhù
輕舟重山 轻舟万重 qīngzhōu yǐ guò wàn chóngshān

This morning, I depart the town of Baidi, engulfed by vibrant clouds.

I return to far away Jiangling within a single day!

From both banks, the steady sound of shrieking monkeys fills the air.

Our little boat has already carried me past thousands of hilltops.

"Departing from Baidi in the Morning" in Mao Zedong's calligraphy


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