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Flight of fantasy  (2014) 
by Viktor Pinchuk, translated from Russian by Wikisource
Grotesque miniature from the newspaper "Respublica Krim" (Republic of Crimea), published on February 13, 2014. The source:Наяву_на_Яву_прибыл.jpg

It’s impossible to get lost among the winding streets of the old part of town: Simferopol is not large. Somewhere here, already close... Perhaps in this courtyard? Indeed, on a board covered with old oilcloth, written in black marker: "Vagrant’s way", travel agency. On the steps that remember the times of the reign of Tsar Gorokh, I go down to the basement. Acrid odor of dampness. On the shabby door is a sign nailed with rusty nails: "We work seven days a week." Knocked. Under pressure, the door opened slightly, emitting a muffled creak.

A room with peeling whitewash on the walls, where the musty mildew smell mixed with the "aroma" of sweat and dirty linen. A wire hangs from the ceiling; on it is a dusty light bulb without a plafond. In the far corner is the only piece of furniture: a "storm-beaten" desk.

Бомж-тур-агентство (иллюстрация к миниатюре «Полёт фантазии»).jpg

A yawning man came out of the adjoining room, dressed in a telogreika and ushanka. Greeted him. "I would like to go traveling a la bum somewhere to poky hole of a place, — turned to agency employee. "No problem", the man replied, laying on the table dirty shabby booklets with views of the ocean coast, apparently taken from dumpsters. Then the manager sat down on a chair wrapped with duct tape: "There are small tours for six months and long — for a year and a half. Accommodation in three-star attics: every night through a hole in the slate, three heavenly bodies are visible. Food provision by the type of self-sufficiency — you will eat what you find in the jungle, amenities — outside: the toilet is in the bushes, and the "shower" is in the river. The movement will be carried out by hitchhiking, for this you will have to contact the drivers of passing cars, as well as with owners of other vehicles". For a few seconds, thinking about something distant, I descended from heaven to earth: "Ok I take it!"

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