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Mikraot Gedolot , translated from Hebrew by Wikisource
Psalms 1:1


The praises of the man who did not go in the wicked’s council and in the path of sinners did not stand, and in the seat of insulters did not sit.


The praises of the man

With ten languages of song was this book said: with nitzuakh, with niggun, with mizmor, with shir, with hallel, with t'fillah, with b'rakhah, with hoda'ah, with ashre, with hallelujah, corresponding to the ten persons who said it: Adam, Melchizedek, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Asaph and the three sons of Korah. And they differ on Jeduthun: there are those who say he was a man as it is written in Chronicles (1 16:38), and there are those who say, Jeduthun that is in this book only refers to the laws and the judgments of the decrees which have gone over him and over Israel.

The praises of the man

Les felicements in the foreign language; the contentment of man and his praises are these, that he did not go; for since he did not go, he did not stand; and since he did stand, he did not sit.

Ibn Ezra[edit]

The praises of the man

Our predecessors, their memory to blessing, said that stood is harder than went and sat is harder than all of them. If so, the insulters will be worse than sinners. And Rabbi Moshe the Kohen explained to the contrary, and said that the intention of did not stand is "didn't even stand". And according to my understanding, that the word wicked are those who do not stand on one standard(?)...