Translation:Mishnah/Seder Nezikin/Tractate Avot/Chapter 1/7

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Hebrew Text[edit]

ניתאי הארבלי אומר,
הרחק משכן רע,
ואל תתחבר לרשע;
ואל תתייאש מן הפורענות.

English Translation[edit]

Nittai of Arbel said,
Distance yourself from a bad neighbor,
Do not befriend a wicked person,
And do not despair of punishment.


Distance yourself from a bad neighbor so that you don't learn from him. (Rabbi Ovadyah)

Do not befriend a wicked person Our Sages say: Anyone who befriends an evil person, even if you don't follow their ways (i.e. you are not influenced by them), you will still get their portion. (I.e. you will ultimatily be judged in a similar way to them, even if you did not emulate them). (ibid).

Despair Of Punishment: i.e. for the wicked.