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Penal Code of Thailand  (1956) 
by House of People's Representatives of Thailand, translated from Thai by Wikisource
This is the originally promulgated version. For amendments and related documents, see portals.

Penal Code

Division 1 General provisions Sections
Title 1 Provisions applicable to general offences
Chapter 1 Definitions 1
Chapter 2 Application of criminal law 2–17
Chapter 3 Punishments and safety measures
Part 1 Punishments 18–38
Part 2 Safety measures 39–50
Part 3 Methods for increase, decrease, and suspension of punishments 51–58
Chapter 4 Criminal liability 59–79
Chapter 5 Attempts 80–82
Chapter 6 Principals and aiders 83–89
Chapter 7 Concurrence of offences or counts 90–91
Chapter 8 Recidivism 92–94
Chapter 9 Prescription 95–101
Title 2 Provisions applicable to petty offences 102–106
Division 2 Offences
Title 1 Offences relating to security of the Kingdom
Chapter 1 Offences against the King, Queen, Heir to the Throne, and Regent 107–112
Chapter 2 Offences against internal security of the Kingdom 113–118
Chapter 3 Offences against external security of the Kingdom 119–129
Chapter 4 Offences against relations with foreign countries 130–135
Title 2 Offences relating to administration
Chapter 1 Offences against officers 136–146
Chapter 2 Offences against public functions 147–166
Title 3 Offences relating to justice
Chapter 1 Offences against judicial officers 167–199
Chapter 2 Offences against judicial functions 200–205
Title 4 Offences relating to religions 206–208
Title 5 Offences relating to tranquillity of people 209–216
Title 6 Offences relating to the causing of danger to people 217–239
Title 7 Offences relating to counterfeiting and alteration
Chapter 1 Offences relating to currency 240–249
Chapter 2 Offences relating to seals, stamps, and tickets 250–263
Chapter 3 Offences relating to documents 264–269
Title 8 Offences relating to trafe 270–275
Title 9 Offences relating to sexuality 276–287
Title 10 Offences relating to life and body
Chapter 1 Offences against life 288–294
Chapter 2 Offences against body 295–300
Chapter 3 Offences of abortion 301–305
Chapter 4 Offences of abandonment of children, ailing persons, or elderly persons 306–308
Title 11 Offences relating to liberty and reputation
Chapter 1 Offences against liberty 309–321
Chapter 2 Offences of disclosure of secrets 322–325
Chapter 3 Offences of defamation 326–333
Title 12 Offences relating to things
Chapter 1 Offences of theft and snatching 334–336
Chapter 2 Offences of extortion, blackmail, robbery, and gang robbery 337–340
Chapter 3 Offences of defrauding 341–348
Chapter 4 Offences of fraud against creditors 349–351
Chapter 5 Offences of embezzlement 352–356
Chapter 6 Offences of receipt of stolen goods 357
Chapter 7 Offences of criminal damage 358–361
Chapter 8 Offences of trespass 362–366
Division 3 Petty offences 367–398


  • "Pramuan Kotmai Aya" [Penal Code of Thailand]. Royal Thai Government Gazette (in Thai) 73 (95A Special): 5–170. 1956-11-15. 

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