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The Letter from Heaven
by Nachman of Breslov, translated from Hebrew by Wikisource
Discovered in 1922, written in 11 lines and 51 words. Authorship by Nachman of Breslov is disputed by some.
Reproduction of The Letter from Heaven

מאד היה קשה לי לרדת אליך
Death was hard for me [or: It was very hard for me] to descend to you,
תלמידי היקר להגיד לך כי נהנתי
my precious student, to connect with you, for I have benefited/enjoyed
מאד מעבודתך ועליך אמרתי
deathfully [or greatly] from your service. And regarding you I said
מיין פיירעיל וועט טליען ביז
"My fire will flicker[1] until
משיח וועט קומען חזק ואמץ
Messiah will come." Be strong and courageous
In your service.
נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman
ובזה אגלה לך סוד והוא
And with this I shall reveal to you a secret and it is:
מלא וגדיש מקו לקו (פצפציה)
Full and heaped up from line to line. [Do not say the name with your mouth:] (Pei, Tzaddi, Pei, Tzaddi, Yud, Hei).
ובחזוק עבודה תבינהו וסמן
And with strong service you will understand it. And the sign is --
יז בתמוז יאמרו שאינך מתענה
[On] the 17th of Tammuz they will say that you are not fasting.


  1. The Yiddish word "tlien" means flicker; shine intermittently, as explained in Zeh Yinachamenu by Yitchak Bezanson, Shir Chadash, Tel Aviv, 2009?.