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Vision  (1869)  by Władysław Tarnowski, translated from Polish by Wikisource
(to music)
Manuscript in Jagellonian Library – signature 7922 III, leaf 135. Władysław Tarnowski based on this poem (after translation on German) his song under title: „Ich sank verweint in sanften Schlummer”, this is fifth song in gathering of songs „Cypressen” dedicated Pauline Viardot-Garcia, and published in Vienna by A. Bösendorfer, (edition without date), in bibliographies under year 1870.

I cried by night – I fell asleep morning
I saw her pale sorrowful face,
She stood altered in monastic dress [1]
In myrtle's grove, with lyre she cried . . . .
I stooped and I kissed her tears
Which glittered as on cheek of white lily's,
But from my eyes flowed down new tears
And my tears hung on her face . . . .
So again I saw her cheek in tears
And saying don’t cry … with heart I laughed!..
At the time I wake up …
The nightmare disappeared !..
She disappeared.........

1869. Weimar.

  1. In original verse „w stroju zakonnym” – in monastic dress, not „w zakonnym habicie” – in monastic frock. (Wikisource contributor note)