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Free translation:

That man to me seems equal to a god
More than a god if that's proper to say
And then, across from you sitting, intense
He repeatedly watches and hears you
Sweetly laughing which destroys my senses.
In my wretched condition, at once now
I understand you, Lesbia, and there's
Nothing beyond me, and there's nothing I
Wouldn't do, but my tongue becomes useless,
Pain like flame travels down my weakened limbs,
Ears ring with a sound of their own making.
And I black out, my eyes covered in night.
Idleness, Catullus, is why you're troubled.
You have nothing to do, Catullus,
And that's your problem. Through easy living
You run around in excessive good cheer.
Easy living has destroyed kings of old
And their rich, prosperous cities as well.

Shouldn't there be some note that line 8 was lost and is not actually known (what is in the parenthesis is simply a guess)?