Unclassified Summary of Evidence for Administrative Review Board in the case of Mouhammad, Maasoum Abdah (2005-09-01)

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Unclassified Summary of Evidence for Administrative Review Board in the case of Mouhammad, Maasoum Abdah (2005-09-01)  (2005) 
To: Mouhammad, Maasoum Abdah
Subject: Unclassified Summary of Evidence for Administrative Review Board in the case of Mouhammad, Maasoum Abdah


An Administrative Review Board will be convened to review your case to determine if your continued detention is necessary.


The Administrative Review Board will conduct a comprehensive review of all reasonably available and relevant information regarding your case. At the conclusion of this review the Board will make a recommendation to: (1) release you to your home state or to a third state; (2) transfer you to your home state, or a third state, with conditions agreed upon by the United States and your home state, or the third state; or (3) continue your detention under United States control.


The following primary factors favor continued detention:

  1. The detainee is a Syrian who trained in al Qaida camps in Afghanistan and was believed to be fighting with-or on behalf of Usama bin Laden as of early December 2001.
  2. The detainee was a fighter in the Tora Bora region of Afghanistan. He also received advanced explosives training at an al Qaida training camp in Afghanistan was very well connected with a number of powerful Syrian groups in Afghanistan.
b. Training
  1. In 1993, the detainee went to the Harrasta Police Training Facility in Damascus, Syria, where he trained for two years. His training at the school was mostly physical fitness and the use of the AK-47 and a handgun.
  2. The detainee performed crowd control and riot control duties while at the Harrasta Police Training Facility. He spent the last six months of his service with the police force in Dair al Zoor region of Syria where he performed crowd control for soccer games and traffic duties.
c. Connections/Associations
  1. A senior al Qaida leader identified the subject detainee's photo as someone he met prior to 11 September 2001 in a Syrian guesthouse, in Kabul, Afghanistan.
  2. The detainee attended religious training from Shaykh Issa while residing at the Syrian guesthouse in Kabul from December 2000 until January 2002.
  3. Shaykh Issa, an Egyptian, was an Amir in the Egyptian Jihad Organization and was the chief Mufti of al Qaida.
  4. Al-Jihad, a.k.a. Egyptian Islamic Jihad, merged with Usama Bin Laden's al Qaida organization in June 2001 , but may retain some capability to conduct independent operations. Its primary goals are to overthrow the Egyptian Government and replace it with an Islamic state and to attack US and Israeli interests in Egypt and abroad.
  5. The detainee stayed at a Syrian guesthouse in Kabul.
  6. The Syrian house was located in the al Qaida enclave area of Wazir Akhbar Khan in Kabul, Afghanistan.
d. Other Relevant Data
  1. The detainee stated that in June 2000 his roommate advised him to travel to Afghanistan to find a wife.

The following primary factors favor release or transfer:


The detainee denied having any knowledge of the attacks in the United States prior to their execution on September 11th, and also denied knowledge of any rumors or plans of future attacks on the US or US interests.


You will be provided with a meaningful opportunity to be heard and present information to this Board; this includes an opportunity to be physically present at the proceeding. The Assisting Military Officer (AMO) will assist you in reviewing all relevant and reasonably available unclassified information regarding your case. The AMO is not an advocate for or against continued detention, nor may the AMO form a confidential relationship with you or represent you in any other matter.