Updated Assessment and Recommentation to redacted in the Case of Detainee ISN 0061

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Scanned partially-declassified document.

SUBJECT: Updated Assessment and Recommentation to   in the Case of Detainee ISN  0061 


(S) On  , while guards were asking another detainee about the content of his cup was ISN  0061  stated that it was probably a bomb, and it would blow up after the guards took it out of his cell.


(S) On  , ISN  0061  verbally abused guards.


(S) On ISN   ISN  0061  stated that if he was not able to see the commander, there were going to be big problems.


(S) ISN  0061  has demonstrated numerous other non-hostile and harrassing actions including failures to comply, throwing water on guards, tearing up meal plates and successfully hoarding food.


(S) ISN  0061  also has demonstrated ongoing attempts to collect intelligence from the guards. Suspicious activity includes:


(S) In ISN   he asked about Camp ISN  0061  On   detainee     was asked in which section of Camp Delta he is staying.


(S) On    , he attempted to elicit information about    


(S) On    detainee attempted to obtain information concerning detainee transfters and in November block.


(S) On    detainee attempted to discuss the current work schedule of the guards and determine if the schedule would be a temporary or permanent based on changes that may take place due to the new general at JTF-GTMO.


(S) On   , detainee attempted to learn additional information on the rank structure of the guards assigned to Camp Delta.


(S) In   detainee began to show his awareness of the reporting database, when he instructed the guard on duty to annotate that he ate his entire meal, although he had only eaten the apple. He has posed several similar instructions or comments about the database to the guards.


(S) Possibly in an attempt to estimate the heights of the fences, on    the detainee asked how tall the basketball rim was.


(S) Detainee has shown contempt for senior US members and the US.


(S) On several occasions, detainee has covered his ears and prayed loudly during the US National Anthem.


(S) On   detainee stated that the attacks of 11 September 2001 correspond with verses in the Koran where it states to fight against infidels, adding that it can be found in the ninth chapter, eleventh verse. He added that the World Trade Center has 110 stories, and that this verse can be found on line 110 in the chapter of the Koran.



7. (S) Assessment:
a. (S)

Enemy Combatant Status: Detainee's enemy combatant status was reassessed on 24 February 2004, and he remains an enemy combatant.

b. (S) Summary:



(S) Risk Assessment: Based on the above, detainee is considered  risk and   post a threat to the US, its interests, and allies.


(S) Recommendation. In view of the foregoing, I recomment subject detainee be   


(S) Coordination: