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Trust and Respect[edit]

We the Wikisource Community invite anyone to contribute to our project, the practical aspects of this arrangement are outlined here - noninclusive.

  • We trust that anyone wishing to edit intends to expand, improve, or enhance Wikisource and we are committed to allow anyone an opportunity to edit Wikisource. Editors likewise must respect policies and common practices of the community when they are alerted to any conflicts. Editors should pass down this trust that was granted to them to new contributors and welcome them without prejudice and make an effort to guide them through any missteps.
  • We trust that editors working on any particular text are best able to make the trivial decisions about the text without needing permission from the larger community. Editors should respect the consensus of the larger community when it shown at the Scriptorium that an issue is non-trivial.
  • We trust editors to sign up for accounts, or not, according to their own convenience. Editors must demonstrate respect for consensus-building by limiting themselves to a single account participating in any particular discussion.
  • We trust that all editors have an opinion that merits a hearing and a contribution worth including in various collaborative efforts. When sharing their opinion or collaborating with others, editors should demonstrate respect, using a civil and inclusive manner which encourages further collaboration from others.