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Bell tent and yurt - A users guide[edit]

bell tents and yurts[edit]

Main Page
Buying a canvas tent

When buying a bell tent or yurt there are several important factors to consider. The basic design of the bell tent, sibley tent, scout tent, call it what you will has changed very little since it was first used generations ago. The tent relies on tension being applied to the canvas via guylines. The fulcrum of this tension being the centre pole which supports the main canvas. The first important factor to consider when buying a bell tent is the weight of canvas. For longevity I would suggest that any canvas below a weight of 290g is for occassional use only. This canvas will let more light through but will more quickly deteriorate and is much more prone to rips and tears after being subjected to the elements for any prolonged period. Canvas weighing over 320g has a much longer life span and areas of greatest wear such as tabs and seams on the tent are much more likely to remain intact after prolonged usage.