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Creating and uploading a DjVu-file[edit]

The easy way[edit]

The easy way: find an existing DjVu-file (e.g. in Internet Archive). Download it to a directory on the computer. Remove the "copyright"-stuff (and the Google pages etc.) with:

djvm -d filename.djvu 1

(in Win10 on the prompt (via Win-X)). Take care that djvm.exe and two other files are already installed in the same dir. This removes the first page. Leave no blank spaces in filename!
This works well in Linux too.

Next: upload to Commons. And give proper information in template: IA-source etc. and categories.

For a more complicated use of djvm tool: see: Wikisource:Scriptorium/Help/Archives/2017#Please_help_with_creating_djvu-file:_Bevan_(1894)_-_Willliam_Petty - thanks to User:Inductiveload. (2017-12-11)

Splitting pages with section headers[edit]

Every now and then chapters of a book do not begin on a new page. For instance in The Australian Emigrant. See how to create separate chapters by using ## chapterx ## section headers, for instance on this page. See also: this book on nl-ws.