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I can upload batches of files from the IA or Hathi Trust. However, I will require the metadata to do so. I will not do uploads if you don't give me the data (unless I really, really want to anyway). I will need a spreadsheet (XLSX, CSV or ODS) with the following columns (the names are important, don't change them).

Column Required? Purpose Example
title Required The title of the work. For a batch, this is often the same for every row. The Atlantic
subtitle Optional the work subtitle. Optional (but give it if there is one) A magazine of Literature, Science, Art and Politics
year Required The publication year 1868
volume Optional The volume number 22
subpage Optional The volume subpage at Wikisource (if it's not just "Volume XX")
vol_disp Optional The volume display string for the Commons book template. Will not be used in a page title. If not given, "Volume XX" Volume 22 (July–December 1868)
filename Required The target filename (no extension) The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 22
to_commons Optional "n" if the file should go to Wikisource rather than Commons
id Required The external source ID. atlantic22bostuoft
source Required The source: either "ia" or "ht" ia
file Optional If I'm uploading files from a collection you give me (rather than directly from the IA, etc), the filename
oclc Optional The OCLC number 297234877
city Optional The city of publications Boston
publisher Optional The publisher Fields, Osgood, & Co.
printer Optional The printer
license Required The license (so it can be appended to {{pd-scan|) PD-US-expired
pagelist Optional Manual pagelist tag. Not usually needed.
img_pg Optional The image page (used as the title page). Usually the source provides this information via the page list metadata.
language Required The work language en
commonscats Required Categories for the work at Commons, slash-separated The Atlantic Monthly, 1868
vollist Optional (required for multi-vol works) The volume list template (or wikitext) {{Atlantic Monthly volumes}}
  • All data, like printer, that is available should be provided. It's a lot easier to put it in now than patch it in later.
  • You can add as many other columns as you like, they will be ignored.

Note, you can often use the volume number to build the other cells with spreadsheet equations. For example, if the volume number is col G and the title is col C, then the filename for row 2 might be =C2 & " - Volume " & G2.

Likewise, you can increment numbers. If row 2's volume is 1, then you can make row 3's 2 using =G2 + 1.

In this way, you can save a lot of tedious typing. However, do make sure that the data stays accurate. Very often things like publisher, printer or even the date ranges of volumes can change halfway though a series.

Authority control[edit]

The OCLC number is optional, but highly recommended, because the OCLC ID is a very good way to link the files and indexes with structured data, as it (should be) a unique key.