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Anchors and how they are numbered[edit]

  • Consider all article titles, and monthly recurring sections to be anchored for linking to the index at the back of the volume. Click to see an example of anchoring - by opening this page in edit mode. The anchor is made up of the .djvu number of the page preceded by the uppercase "D" without space, and followed by the hyphenated number beginning with "1" indicating the order of appearance on the page.
  • Articles main title anchors are always "1" as their order of appearance because two article titles never appear on the same page.
  • Recurring monthly section titles are "0", as in {{anchor|D437-0}} If there are two recurring sections on a page, (which does happen), the second is identified with two zeros, "00" as in {{anchor|D437-00}}. The reason for this is that recurring monthly section titles can fall between two anchored paragraphs of two different sections.
  • Recurring monthly sections can have several anchors on the same page and they are numbered in their order of appearance from top to bottom as in {{anchor|D437-1}}, {{anchor|D437-2}}, etc., regardless of which section they belong to. Thus the anchors order always follows the paragraph order.
  • By preference, anchors were placed along the left margin at the beginning of a paragraph. Unforeseen style changes in the layout of the original Literary Notices, required inserting anchors in the body of the paragraph text as well, placed prior to the italicized publication name. In this case a paragraph numbered {{anchor|D146-1}} is the paragraph's main anchor and also anchoring the first publication mentioned i the paragraph. Subsequent anchors in same paragraph are anchored as {{anchor|D146-1.1}} etc. Click to see an example of both anchoring styles by opening the page in edit mode.

Volume's index anchors[edit]

  • Volume index anchors are generated from the same database as the article titles and the anchor is made up of the page's Djvu number and not the page number

and they are always assigned "1". Article title anchor links are correct in all cases, except in the [Portal:Popular_Science_Monthly#Sub_portals_of_monthly_recurring_sections|monthly recurring section titles]]. Since the placement of these titles is not known (between paragraphs), These titles are assigned a "0" so that the paragraph numbering concept is not changed.

The generated number ("1") is changed according to the paragraph position on the page. This is done while the index is in edit preview mode, and this permits editing and testing the link simultaneously.

  • In the Literary Notices section, some publications titles are placed in paragraphs and their titles are styled in italics.
  • Most paragraphs refer only to a single publication, and the paragraph's index anchor link is placed at the start of a paragraph.
  • Exceptions are when there are multiple books mentioned in a single paragraph. Then, for each additional publication an anchor link is placed before the publication name.
  • The anchor link #D871-5 refers to an anchor on djvu page number 871, and the 5 refers to the fifth paragraph of that page. Partial paragraphs at the top of the page belong to the previous page.
  • D871-5 = The first anchor is always placed at the beginning of a paragraph, regardless of the additional titles listed in the paragraph.
  • D871-5.1 = 2nd publication name in the same paragraph, always placed at the start of the italicized title.
  • D871-5.2 = 3rd publication name in the same paragraph, always placed at the start of the italicized title.
  • etc., etc.,