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being cut to pieces with your troops; but as you deserve consideration and particular esteem, I wish to save you from a catastrophe, and for that purpose give you this notice in order that you may surrender at discretion, under the assurance that you will be treated with the consideration belonging to the Mexican character, to which end you will be granted an hour's time to make up your mind, to commence from the moment when my flag of truce arrives in your camp.

"With this view, I assure you of my particular consideration.

"God and Liberty. Camp at Encantada, February 22d, 1847.

"Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
"To Gen. Z. Taylor, comm'g the forces of the United States."

Old Rough and Ready answered thus:

"Headquarters, Army of Occupation,
Near Buena Vista, Feb. 22, 1847.

"Sir",—In reply to your note of this date, summoning me to surrender my force at discretion, I beg leave to say that I decline acceding to your request. With high respect, I am, sir,

"Your obedient servant, Z. Taylor,
"Maj. Gen. U. S. Army, commanding.
"Senor Gen. D.Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna,
Commander-in-chief, La Encantada."

Several hours passed before any attack was made. The columns of the enmy's rear could be seen moving up. There was a slight demonstration of our right and a section of Bragg,s battery, supported by the 2d Kentucky foot, were detached to that point. They bivoucked for the night. Near evening, the light troops of the enemy commenced upon our left, consisting of detachments of Arkansas and Kentucky cavalry dismounted, and a battalion of Indiana