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28COM V1 D101 1 Woodpecker.png
29COM V1 D101 2 Woodpecker.png
30COM V1 D104 Aloe.png
31COM V1 D105 1 Flowering plant.png
32COM V1 D105 2 Flowering plant.png
33COM V1 D105 A Xiuhcoatl and a Snake.png
34COM V1 D110 The Mexican Tonalamatl.png
35COM V1 D112 A Quail.png
36COM V1 D113 A Partial Ecipse of the Sun.png
37COM V1 D114 Quauhxicalli or Incense.png
38COM V1 D114 The Moon.png
39COM V1 D115 Flowering plants.png
40COM V1 D120 A Fisherman.png
41COM V1 D121 Cacao Tree.png
42COM V1 D121 The Maize God.png
43COM V1 D122 Aloes.png
44COM V1 D122 Maize.png
45COM V1 D123 Lily.png
46COM V1 D126 Hummingbirds.png
47COM V1 D128 Flowering Plant.png
48COM V1 D130 Guava Tree.png
49COM V1 D130 Turkeys.png
50COM V1 D141 A Flowering Plant.png
51COM V1 D142 Various Animals.png
52COM V1 D143 Various Animals.png
53COM V1 D144 Various Birds.png
54COM V1 D147 Tree.png
55COM V1 D147 Trees in Mexican art.png
56COM V1 D148 Stag.png
57COM V1 D175 Cortes was nineteen when he left the native shores.png
58COM V1 D177 But I came here to get gold.png
59COM V1 D191 Cortes at thirty-three.png
60COM V1 D195 Great Northern Divers.png
61COM V1 D196 Spanish soldiers socializing with the natives.png
62COM V1 D197 Spanish soldiers socializing with the natives.png
63COM V1 D198 Cozumel Doves.png
64COM V1 D208 The first Cavalry Charge at Tabasco.png
65COM V1 D214 Malinal of Painalla.png
66COM V1 D218 A Trooper Feeding the Horses.png
67COM V1 D218 Sketch of an Officer's Charger.png
68COM V1 D218 Sketching the Spaniards.png
69COM V1 D219 A Gun in Action.png
70COM V1 D219 A mounted man at a canter holding up a cross.png
71COM V1 D221 A Stinging Insect.png
72COM V1 D221 Scorpion and Centipedes.png
73COM V1 D222 Montezuma in his youth as an army officer.png
74COM V1 D224 The Heron Standard of Tlaxcala.png
75COM V1 D225 Quetzalcoatl.png
76COM V1 D226 One of the Portents seen before the Spaniards' arrival.png
77COM V1 D226 Owls.png
78COM V1 D227 A Sacrificed Quetzal.png
79COM V1 D229 Montezuma offering incense to Quetzalcoatl.png
80COM V1 D234 A Homily by Father Olmedo.png
81COM V1 D235 Conquistadors at mass.png
82COM V1 D242 Ocellated turkey.png
83COM V1 D242 Pronghorn antelope.png
84COM V1 D243 Aloe plant.png
85COM V1 D243 Aztec paroquet.png
86COM V1 D243 Orchid flower.png
87COM V1 D244 The Totonacs came with wreaths and bunches of flowers.png
88COM V1 D249 Arrival of the Aztec tribute collectors.png
89COM V1 D254 Women gifted to Cortés by the Cacique of Cempolla.png
90COM V1 D257 Destruction of the idols.png
91COM V1 D274 Indian porters.png
92COM V1 D275 Indian porters hauling the cannon.png
93COM V1 D276 Hummingbird.png
94COM V1 D276 Sun Bittern.png
95COM V1 D294 Aztec warriors.png
96COM V1 D295 Aztec warriors.png
97COM V1 D296 Tlascalan warriors.png
98COM V1 D308 Marina nursing the wounded conquistadors.png
99COM V1 D315 Marina communicated her suspicions to Cortés.png
100COM V1 D318 Courriers reporting to the emperor.png
101COM V1 D319 Couriers reporting to the emperor.png
102COM V1 D333 Quetzalcoatl as Eecatl.png
103COM V1 D338 Examination of the Cacique's wife.png
104COM V1 D339 The Cacique's wife.png
105COM V1 D342 Examination of the two priests.png
106COM V1 D343 The two priests being examined by Cortés.png
107COM V1 D344 Examination of the Aztec ambassadors.png
108COM V1 D345 Aztec ambassadors in front of Cortés.png
109COM V1 D348 The massacre at Cholula.png
110COM V1 D355 Montezuma trembled on his throne.png
111COM V1 D363 Golden eagle.png
112COM V1 D364 Map of Lake Tezcoco.png
113COM V1 D370 Prince Cacama of Tezcuco saluting Cortés.png
114COM V1 D372 Eager to catch a glimpse of the strangers.png
115COM V1 D373 Great white egrets.png
116COM V1 D374 Little egret.png
117COM V1 D376 Aztec Caciques coming to the emperor.png
118COM V1 D377 Aztec Caciques coming to the emperor.png
119COM V1 D379 Arrival of the emperor Montezuma.png
120COM V1 D382 Montezuma being led.png
121COM V1 D383 Cortés advanced to meet him.png
122COM V1 D391 Perhaps you were told that I am also a god.png
123COM V1 D406 Axolotl.png
124COM V1 D406 Black tailed deer.png
125COM V1 D406 Hooded Merganser.png
126COM V1 D406 Red and blue macaw.png
127COM V1 D406 Spider monkey, Mexocan quail and black wing.png
128COM V1 D407 King vultures and boars.png
129COM V1 D407 Quetzals.png
130COM V1 D407 Racoons.png
131COM V1 D411 Under the supervision of certain aged females.png
132COM V1 D412 The emperor drank chocolate.png
133COM V1 D413 The emperor eating desert.png
134COM V1 D414 Playing music for the emperor.png
135COM V1 D415 Listening to music.png
136COM V1 D416 The emperor's dancers performing.png
137COM V1 D426 Montezuma poiting out the localities to Cortés.png
138COM V1 D434 Montezuma turned away with a shudder.png
139COM V1 D435 Head of a Spanish conquistador.png
140COM V1 D436 Cortés in his apartment pacing to and fro.png
141COM V1 D438 Arrest of the emperor Montezuma.png
142COM V1 D439 Arrest of the emperor Montezuma.png
143COM V1 D444 Montezuma shackled.png
144COM V1 D446 Execution of Montezuma.png
145COM V1 D456 Prince Cacama attempted to wake the emperor.png
146COM V1 D458 Prince Cacama arrested.png
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148COM V2 D002 The Pacific Ocean.png
149COM V2 D003 The Yucatan peninsula.png
150COM V2 D007 Title page.png
151COM V2 D016 Raven croaking.png
152COM V2 D017 Abdication of the Emperor Montezuma.png
153COM V2 D018 The Spaniards gazed with greedy eyes.png
154COM V2 D058 Priests making fire in preparation for new war.png
155COM V2 D067 Montezuma berates Alvarado.png
156COM V2 D069 Prince Cuitlahula accepts the post of honour and danger.png
157COM V2 D082 The priests animated gestures to avenge the insults to the dieties.png
158COM V2 D085 Cortés dashed to the assistance of his secretary.png
159COM V2 D087 The Aztecs nearly succeeded in scaling the walls.png
160COM V2 D088 1 Why do I see people here in the place of my fathers.png
161COM V2 D089 2 Why do I see people here in the place of my fathers.png
162COM V2 D090 1 The swollen tide of their passions broke through all barriers of ancient reverence.png
163COM V2 D091 2 The swollen tide of their passions broke through all barriers of ancient reverence.png
164COM V2 D099 Fighting for the possession of the Temple.png
165COM V2 D107 Death of the Emperor Montezuma.png
166COM V2 D111 Funeral of the Emperor Montezuma.png
167COM V2 D114 Cortés calls for a council of his officers.png
168COM V2 D122 The Noce Triste.png
169COM V2 D123 The Noce Triste.png
170COM V2 D142 Maxixcha.png
171COM V2 D148 They pledged themselves to stand by Cortés.png
172COM V2 D150 On Montezuma's death his brother Cuitlahuac succeeded him.png
173COM V2 D169 The Prince Guatemozin crowned Emperor on the death of his uncle, Cuitlahuac.png
174COM V2 D180 The Prince Ixtlilxochitl.png
175COM V2 D192 They fought up to their girdles in water.png
176COM V2 D193 They fought up to their girdles in water.png
177COM V2 D234 Cortés tore the scroll to pieces.png
178COM V2 D256 The Emperor Guatemozin frequently selected the darkness.png
179COM V2 D257 The Emperor Guatemozin frequently selected the darkness.png
180COM V2 D266 The horn of the Emperor Guatemozin sent fort a long and piercing note.png
181COM V2 D273 Prisoners for sacrifice were decorated.png
182COM V2 D298 This work of butchery.png
183COM V2 D299 Conquistadors preparing to fight.png
184COM V2 D302 Surrender of the Emperor Guatemozin.png
185COM V2 D303 Surrender of the Emperor Guatemozin.png
186COM V2 D306 Celebrating the end of their long and laborious campaign.png
187COM V2 D307 Celebrating the end of their long and laborious campaign.png
188COM V2 D323 The torturing of Emperor Guatemozin.png
189COM V2 D350 Execution of Emperor Guatemozin.png
190COM V2 D479 Sacrificial knife.png
191COM V2 D502 Map of central Mexico.png
192COM V2 D503 Map of Yucatan.png