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group CSS declaration shorthand cell row table notes
align text-align:center ac y y y
text-align:justify aj y y y
text-align:left al y y y
text-align:right ar y y y
background background-color:transparent bgt y y y
border border-collapse:collapse bc y y y
border:none bn y y y y
border dotted border:1px dotted black ba1. y y y
border-top:1px dotted black bt1. y y y
border-right:1px dotted black br1. y y y
border-bottom:1px dotted black bb1. y y y
border-left:1px dotted black bl1.
border-right:2px dotted black br2.
border-bottom:2px dotted black bb2.
border solid border:1px solid black ba1
border-top:1px solid black bt1
border-right:1px solid black br1
border-bottom:1px solid black bb1
border-left:1px solid black bl1
border:2px solid black ba2
border-top:2px solid black bt2
border-right:2px solid black br2
border-bottom:2px solid black bb2
border-left:2px solid black bl2
border:3px solid black ba3
border-top:3px solid black bt3
border-right:3px solid black br3
border-bottom:3px solid black bb3
border-left:3px solid black bl3
border double solid border:4px double black ba4d
border-right:4px double black br4d
border-bottom:4px double black bb4d
border-left:4px double black bl4d
border-top:4px double black bt4d
border transparent border-top:1px solid transparent bt1t
border-right:1px solid transparent br1t
border-bottom:1px solid transparent bb1t
border-left:1px solid transparent bl1t
direction direction:rtl rtl
float margin:0 auto 0 auto flc
float:left fll
float:right flr
font style font-style:italic fsi
font size font-size:58% fs58
font-size:69% fs69
font-size:80% fs80
font-size:83% fs83
font-size:85% fs85
font-size:90% fs90
font-size:92% delete
font-size:95% delete
font-size:110% fs110
font-size:120% fs120
font-size:144% fs144
font-size:182% fs182
font-size:207% fs207
font-size:249% fs240
font weight font-weight:bold fwb
line height line-height:100% lh10
line-height:110% lh11
line-height:120% lh12
line-height:130% lh13
line-height:150% lh15
line-height:200% lh20
margin margin-right:auto; margin-left:auto ma
margin:5px ma5
margin-top:5px mt5
margin-right:5px mr5
margin-bottom:5px mb5
margin-left:5px ml5
margin:10px ma10
margin-top:10px mt10
margin-right:10px mr10
margin-bottom:10px mb10
margin-left:10px ml10
padding padding-top:0.5em pt.5
padding-right:0.5em pr.5
padding-bottom:0.5em pb.5
padding-left:0.5em pl.5
padding-top:1.0em pt1
padding-right:1.0em pr1
padding-bottom:1.0em pb1
padding-left:1.0em pl1
padding-top:1.5em pt15
padding-right:1.5em pr15
padding-bottom:1.5em pb15
padding-left:1.5em pl15
padding-top:2.0em pt2
padding-right:2.0em pr2
padding-bottom:2.0em pb2
padding-left:2.0em pl2
padding-top:3.0em pt3
padding-right:3.0em pr3
padding-bottom:3.0em pb3
padding-left:3.0em pl3
padding-right:3.5em pr3.5
padding-left:3.5em pl3.5
padding-top:4.0em pt4
padding-right:4.0em pr4
padding-bottom:4.0em pb4
padding-left:4.0em pl4
padding-top:5.0em pt5
padding-right:5.0em pr5
padding-bottom:5.0em pb5
padding-left:5.0em pl5
padding-right:6.0em pr6
padding-left:6.0em pl6
padding-right:7.0em pr7
padding-left:7.0em pl7
padding-top:0.5em; padding-bottom:0.5em ptb.5
padding-top:1em; padding-bottom:1em ptb1
padding & indent padding-left:1.5em; text-indent:-1.0em p15i1
padding-left:3.0em; text-indent:-1.0em p3i1
padding-left:1.0em; text-indent:-1.0em p1i1
padding-left:4.0em; text-indent:-2.0em p4i2
padding-left:2.5em; text-indent:-2.0em p25i2
padding-left:2.0em; text-indent:-1.0em p2i1
padding-left:2.0em; text-indent:-2.0em p2i2
small caps font-variant:small-caps sc
transform text-transform:capitalize cap
text-transform:lowercase lc
text-transform:uppercase uc
vertical align vertical-align:baseline vbs
vertical-align:bottom vbm
vertical-align:middle vmi
vertical-align:text-bottom vtb
vertical-align:text-top vtt
vertical-align:top vtp
width width:20% w20
width:25% w25
width:33% w33
width:40% w40
width:50% w50
width:60% w60
width:67% w67
width:75% w75
width:80% w80
width:100% wa
width:0 w0
width:100em w100
white space white-space:nowrap wnw