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a. Soft dorsal checkered or spotted with pale blue or crossed by blue lines (these occasionally obsolete).
b. Body dusky, the head and belly orange, the top of the head olivaceous; a black spot on each side of caudal peduncle close behind dorsal; black band or spot in front of eye not bordered by blue; cheeks, opercle and breast with vertical lines of metallic blue; dorsal yellowish; pectoral and caudal orange; a black spot in the axil; upper margin of pectoral blue; anal orange with blue border; ventral greenish, its base orange.Unicolor (= Maculiferus).
bb. Body all violet with 5 or 6 more or less distinct black cross bands, the middle one broadest, covering the space from the fourth to the tenth dorsal spine and meeting its fellow under the belly; the band at the nape broad and saddle-like, bounded by 2 pale cross streaks on nape, opercle and cheeks; snout pale, a pale shade across it; ventrals pale or dark; other fins, except spinous dorsal, mostly pale.
c. Cheek with a blue band before eye and some blue spots before it.Puella.
cc. Cheek without blue band; no blue spots on snout; colors duller.Vitulinus.
bbb. Body and head yellow anteriorly; body abruptly black posteriorly, the black extending forward to a wavy line reaching from first dorsal spine to vent; a broad dark-blue band in front of eye, bordered by sky blue; fins chiefly orange; ventral and anal bordered by sky blue.Pinnavarius.
aa. Soft dorsal plain, without distinct blue lines or spots.
d. Preorbital region with 1 or more dark-blue stripes, bordered by bright sky blue (not fading in spirits).
e. Body yellow anteriorly, black posteriorly, the black extending for ward to a line joining the nape and last anal ray; fins orange; a single blue-black stripe or spot in front of eye, ocellated with sky blue; caudal peduncle very dark above.Guttavarius.
ee. Body all orange yellow, fins orange; snout and lower jaw blue; 2 blue stripes, each bordered with sky blue, before the eye.Gummigutta.
eee. Body saffron yellow, orange posteriorly; snout with blue streaks and some blue dots.Crocotus.
dd. Preorbital region without blue stripes.
f. Preorbital region with violet spots; a round black spot on side of caudal peduncle; dorsal light greenish; body light olive green above, reddish below; pectorals pale yellow, the first ray blue; ventrals, anal and caudal light orange.Aberrans.
ff. Preorbital region without distinct violet spots.
g. General color blackish, brown or yellowish—not indigo blue.
h. Color brownish, the middle of the front of body yellowish; fins all yellow except the ventral, which are black.Accensus.
hh. Color yellowish pink; caudal and pectorals pale; ventrals and anal bright light blue.flinis.
gg. Color of body black with violet shades.
i. Pectoral and caudal fins abruptly bright yellow.Chlorurus.
ii. Pectoral and caudal fins violet black like the rest of the body. Nigricans.
j. General color deep indigo blue everywhere on body and fins; body with 4 to 6 broad cross bars of darker blue.
k. Cheeks plain, without distinct stripes. Indigo.
kk. Cheeks with a dark-blue suborbital band between 2 bands of clear blue.Bovinus.