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Sources that are not yet in Wikisource that I would like to keep track of, find, and add. If you know of something that isn't here (almost everything right now), feel free to add it.

Periodicals published by the church[edit]

Periodicals published by members[edit]

Joseph Ellis Johnson[edit]

  • Council Bluffs Bugle, 1852.
  • Omaha Arrow, 1854.
  • Crescent City Oracle, Crescent City, Nebraska, 1857.
  • Council Bluffs Press, 1858.
  • The Hunstman's Echo, Wood River, Nebraska, 1858-1861.
  • Farmer's Oracle, Spring Lake Villa, Utah County, Utah, 1863.
  • Our Dixie Times and Rio Virgen Times, Saint George, Utah, 1868-1869.
  • Utah Pomologist and Gardener, Saint George?, 1870-?