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  • Hello, and welcome to my user site!
  • Hallo, und willkommen auf meiner Benutzerseite!
  • Saluton, kaj bonvenon al mia uzanta ejo!
  • ¡Hola, y bienvenidos a mi sitio de usuario!

Personal Information[edit]

The user currently resides in the Midwestern United States of America. He is an adolescent male currently attending Francis Tuttle Technology Center with deep interests in computers, science and technology, and medicine. His interests range religion to robotics, ophthalmology to the occult, and history to histology. He is a strict grammarian and frequently corrects poor prose on the various Wikis. He tries to hold Wiki projects up to a high standard of excellence, in an effort to encourage responsible and academic use. He is an ardent follower of all Wiki projects currently in progress, and contributes freely and often to all projects requiring assistance. He talks exclusively in the third person.

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