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Chapter 7: 411 Search

The Revengers spent a lot of the morning riding toward the U.S./Canada border. They passed some schools, skiing resorts, homeless individuals, ghettos, and churches, but were in such a rush that they paid no attention to them whatsoever. They were more concentrated on getting to Québec quickly than observing American culture. They ate a meal along the way on their ride.

30 minutes later, they found a road that went straight north, so they decided to ride beside this road. They rode for about 5 minutes, and then Marcus spotted a small electronic device in the grass.

"'Ey, Andrew and Billy," Marcus said as he pointed out the electronic device. "There's something in the grass!"

They all rode to where Marcus pointed and jumped off their bikes. Marcus picked up the device. It was a phone.

"'Ey, come on," Andrew said. "I doubt this phone works, since we found it beside a road. Some lazy person probably threw it out of their car because they ran out of minutes or something. Anything could've happened to it."

"Why not check to see if it works?" Marcus asked.

"Go ahead. Press a button."

Marcus pressed the "1" key, but nothing happened. He pressed it again. Nothing happened.

"I told you it wouldn't work," Andrew said.

"Well, why not try turning it on?" Marcus asked. "Usually pressing and holding down the 'End' key on a cell phone switches the power on and off."

So Marcus held the "END" key down for 5 seconds. To his surprise, the phone vibrated and the screen lighted up. The screen said "Verizon" when it was turned on.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Billy. "The phone actually works!"

The screen had shown the time on the bottom left corner, a picture of a cow in the background, and a bar showing the amount of battery power on the top-right corner. The phone also had full battery power, which surprised them even more.

"So what should we use this phone for?" Andrew asked.

"Perhaps we could use it to find out where d'Equois lives," Marcus suggested. "But how can we find d'Equois with this phone?"

"Dial '411'," Andrew said. "It will connect you to a Verizon Wireless information hotline."

Marcus dialed "411" on the phone and pressed "SEND." Marcus held the phone beside his ear.

"Verizon Wireless 411 search," said an automated voice.

A fast ringing noise played for about 2 seconds. Then they were connected to an operator.

"City and state, please?" the operator asked.

"Chisasibi, Québec."

"Thank you. How may I help you in Chisasibi?"

"I'd like you to file Pierre d'Equois, sir."

"Okay... Is this a business or residence?"


"Thank you."

After that, Marcus was disconnected from the operator and was again connected to the automated voice.

"Press 1 to have a text message of this listing sent to your phone," the automated voice said.

Marcus pressed the "1" key on the phone.

"Thank you! A text message has been sent, and your call is now being connected."

A text message appeared on the screen. The message had Pierre d'Equois' full name, his address, his home city and province, and his phone number printed on it. The phone started to make a ringing sound on it again, but Marcus immediately pressed the "END" key, for he did not want the police, or even worse, Pierre d'Equois himself, to pick up the phone.

"'Ey, we tracked him down!" Marcus exclaimed.

"Awesome!" Andrew exclaimed.

Marcus got out a sheet of paper, a pencil, and a book he brought with him to bear down on. He opened the text message and copied every word of it onto the sheet of paper. He showed the piece of paper to the rest of the Revengers.

"Great," Billy said. "Once we get to Chisasibi, we will know what house to go to."

They put everything back in their packs. Marcus turned the phone off and put it in his pocket, in case they needed it again. They got their bikes back out, and headed north toward the U.S./Canada border. They were almost there.