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Revengers of D'Equois (2013)
Chapter 8: House For Sale in Québec

Chapter 8: House For Sale in Québec

Billy, Andrew, and Marcus continued to follow the road where they found the littered phone. They rode about 7 more miles, then went back to riding in the woods so that they would not have to go through the border patrol once they reached the U.S./Canada border. They rode a couple more miles and saw a baby deer running around by itself.

"'Ey, it's a helpless baby deer," Billy said. "Let's chase it down! We can kill it, gut some of its meat, pack it in the cooler, and eat it later."

So they all chased the deer on their bikes. It was running quite quickly for about 5 minutes, but when it became worn out, it was running very slowly, which was about when Marcus caught it. He held the deer down so he could not move.

"Someone knock it out! Quickly!" Marcus exclaimed.

Andrew found a big, hard stick. He ran up to the deer's head and hit it as hard as he possibly could. The deer became unconscious. Marcus got out his saw, cut through the deer's stomach, and dissected a bit of it's edible meat. He filtered out all of the blood and took out all the bones. Then he got out a garbage bag and placed the deer's meat inside it, and put the garbage bag in the cooler.

After this, they rode north through the woods again for a couple more miles. It was starting to get damp, since it was 5:01 AM and the sun was starting to set. When they rode to the end of the woods, they found a small neighborhood.

The 3 boys looked around the neighborhood. All the cars they saw were licensed in Québec. Their bumper stickers were mostly printed in French, and all the signs had French labels. The boys assumed that they had crossed the border and were finally in Québec.

"'Ey, we finally made it!" Andrew proudly exclaimed. "We crossed the border and we're back in Canada!"

"That's great and all," Marcus said. "But how will we communicate with the residents here? None of us speak French."

"Don't forget that English is spoken worldwide," Marcus explained. "Most people want to learn English, because they look up to the Americans. If we ever need to speak to anyone here, they will probably understand enough English to speak to us, so we should be fine."

"Now that we crossed the border, let's find a good place to hide for the night and sleep," Billy said.

They looked around for a place to sleep. They found an empty house. It was a nice brick house with a small porch and a few bushes, planted all around the house. There was a sign in the front yard of the house that said something in French on one side and had the English translation on the other side. The English side of the sign said:





"'Ey, we can sleep in this house," Marcus said, "if we can find a way to get inside."

"Good idea," Andrew responded. "It would be nice to sleep in an actual house for once. Let's find out if there is a way to get inside."

They searched around the house for a way to get inside. The front door was locked with a keypad alarm, and the back door was locked too. They tried the windows, but they were locked as well. The garage door was closed, but Billy tried to open it by pushing it up as hard as he could. The garage door slowly elevated as Billy pushed. He stopped pushing when the door was opened halfway to the top.

"It worked!" Billy happily said.

"Great job, Billy," said Marcus. "Let's go inside."

They all crawled inside the empty garage. They looked around the garage for a way to get inside. Marcus found a door. He opened the door and they all went inside. They found themselves in a room with a couple couches and red-painted walls. They searched the house even more and found a restroom, a few bedrooms, and a laundry room. After they looked in all the rooms they could find, they discussed their plan for the night.

"In all the bedrooms we found," Billy said, "there was a bed with a mattress in each bedroom. We should sleep in some of the bedrooms."

"Good idea, but we should all split up and search the house for supplies first," Marcus said. "We should also close the garage door so that no one will figure out we're here."

Billy went back in the garage and closed the garage door. After that, the boys split up and searched the house for supplies. They looked through every corner of the house, but since the house was for sale and the owners had already moved out, there wasn't much they left behind. Marcus found 3 pennies and a blue pen. Billy found a dime and a map of the city of Montréal. Andrew found a big knife and another penny. After they searched everywhere they could, they all met in one of the bedrooms and discussed what they had found.

"We should go to Montréal tomorrow," Marcus suggested. "I found a map of the entire city under a wardrobe."

"Great idea," Billy said.

They also discussed the money they found. They added up the money they found in the house. Altogether, they found 14 cents in the house. They also decided to find out how much money they had found on their whole adventure so far. They took $51.63 from Andrew and Billy's house in Toronto, $7.48 in the unfinished school in New York, and $0.14 from the house they are currently inside. They did the math on a sheet of paper. On the sheet of paper, they wrote:

" 1 1



+ 00.14



As you can see, according to their results, they had about $60 altogether. After they did this math, they packed up everything they found in the house and parked their bikes in the garage. After that, they decided it was time for them to go to sleep, so they each went into a bedroom, got out their sleeping bags, put them on top of their beds, covered up in their bags, and went to sleep. It was 5:47 A.M. when they all went to sleep.