Wae's me for Prince Charlie (2)/Though I'm Forsaken

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Wae's me for Prince Charlie (2)  (1850s) 
Though I'm Forsaken

Though I’m forsaken.

Thou'rt gane awa, thou'rt gane awa‘
thourt gane awa frae me Mary.
Nor friends nor I could make thee stay,
thoust cheated them and me, Mary-
Until thin hour l never thought
that ought could alter thee, Mary;
Thou’rt still the mistress of my heart,
think what thou wilt of me, Mary.

Whate'er he said or might pretend,
wha stole that heart o thine, Mary,
True love I'm sure was ne’er his end,
nor nae sic love is mine, Mary.
I spake sincere, ne'er flattered much,
had no unworthy thought, Mary,
Ambition, wealth, nor naething such—
no, I lov 'd only thee, Mary.

Though you’ve been false, yet while I live
no other maid I'll woo Mary;
Let friends forget, as I forgive,
thy wrongs to them and me. Mary.
So then farewell, of this be sure,
since you ve been false to me, Mary,
For all the world I'd not endure
half what I ve done for thee, Mary.

This work was published before January 1, 1926, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.