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Weird Tales
edited by Dorothy McIlwraith
May 1950 (Volume 42, Issue 4)

The copyrights on three short stories were renewed, therefore they have been redacted from this version. They are "The Last Three Ships" by Margaret St. Clair, "The Man on B-17" by August Derleth (writing under the pseudonym Stephen Grendon), and "Tell Your Forune" by Robert Bloch.

1514037Weird Tales — May 1950 (Volume 42, Issue 4)
Painted cover of Weird Tales, dated May. Featuring a woman in a red dress and a jester, both posed as if in a formal dance, against a background of a crooked house and a crescent moon. The captions read: "Seabury Wuinn; W. F. Temple; "Tell Your Fortune" Robert Bloch.
Painted cover of Weird Tales, dated May. Featuring a woman in a red dress and a jester, both posed as if in a formal dance, against a background of a crooked house and a crescent moon. The captions read: "Seabury Wuinn; W. F. Temple; "Tell Your Fortune" Robert Bloch.


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All Stories New—No Reprints
"Weird Tales" banner title.
Weird TalesR
May, 1950 Cover by Boris Dolgov

It looked like an ordinary barroom scales; but the little professor had trafficked with darkness to bring it into being.
DJINN AND BITTERS Harold Lawlor 22
Fancy being married at ten o'clock—and having a djinn come out of a bottle by afternoon!
THE ROUND TOWER Stanton A. Coblentz 36
The ghostly voice pleaded for the stranger to come on: some counter voice, maybe an inward devil, warned him back.
THE LAST MAN Seabury Quinn 44
"I have been told you can bring back the spirits of the dead. Is that true?" ... "Of course" was the reply.
The words "Is anybody there?" died in my mouth—for it was manifest there was nobody. Yet I had seen....
THE MONKEY SPOONS Mary Elizabeth Counselman 63
These three little monkey spoons were surrounded by forces no one could combat. Forces older than time—older than logic
THE LAST THREE SHIPS Margaret St. Clair 70
Fifteen deserted ships at night might give a graveyard, eerie effect; but it was all right if one kept away from those last three hulls.
AT THE END OF THE CORRIDOR Evangeline Walton 74
A story of the Greek undead—if dead men could walk because they had reason for revenge, a lot of them would have done it these last few years.
THE MAN ON B-17 Stephen Grendon 82
The cinder bull couldn't see the man on the trestle—nor the woman either—but the engineer and the fireman and the conductor, they all did.
MR. HYDE—AND SEEK Malcolm M. Ferguson 86
Country doctors are supposed to be able to cope with anything. How about the supernatural?
LUNA AETERNALIS Clark Ashton Smith 43

Published bi-monthly by Weird Tales. 9 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N. Y. Reentered as second-class matter January 26, 1940, at the Post Office of New York, N. Y., under the act of March 8, 1879. Single copies, 15 cents. Subscription rates: One year in the United States and possessions, 90c. Foreign and Canadian postage extra. English Office: Charles Lavell, Limited, 4 Clements Inn, Strand, London, W.C.2, England. The publishers are not responsible for the loss of unsolicited manuscripts although every care will be taken of such material while in their possession.

Copyright, 1950, by Weird Tales. Copyrighted in Great Britain.

Title registered in U. S. Patent Office.

printed in the u. s. a.

Vol. 42, No. 4

D. McILWRAITH, Editor.


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