Westmoreland Concerned Over Clinton Email Scandal

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Westmoreland Concerned Over Clinton Email Scandal  (2015) 
by Leon Acton Westmoreland
Westmoreland Concerned Over Clinton Email Scandal

Westmoreland Concerned Over Clinton Email Scandal

United States House of Representatives

March 6, 2015

Westmoreland Concerned Over Clinton Email Scandal, Joins Lou Dobbs to Discuss


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Earlier this week, news reports broke that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used two personal email addresses and a private server during her four years at the State Department and did not have a government email account. The House Select Committee on Benghazi discovered the use of Secretary Clinton’s personal account on official matters late last summer, and on March 4, issued subpoenas for all the communications of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton related to Libya and to the State Department for any other individuals who may have information relevant to the investigation. Congressman Westmoreland joined “Lou Dobbs Tonight” to express his concern over the secrecy and potential security threat the personal email accounts reveal. Below is Congressman Westmoreland’s statement.

“I have serious doubts that the State Department and Secretary Clinton’s team will produce all the emails,” stated Westmoreland. “Various committees have been requesting these emails for almost two years, and this is the first time the State Department has admitted that they don’t have them on a federal server because Secretary Clinton’s government email never existed. The lack of transparency is shocking and the integrity of her team’s document production has been lost.”

In a tweet, Secretary Clinton has since requested her emails be made available to the public; however, that State Department said it could take months to produce.

“Secretary Clinton said she wanted the American people to see her emails, but what she should have said was: ‘I want the American people to see the emails I want them to see’. She went to great lengths to keep all her emails private – even setting up her own server in her home in New York – but as a cabinet member of the White House, the American people have a right to know the State Department’s communication before, during, and after the Benghazi attack that left four Americans dead. We have no guarantee that the Select Committee will receive all the emails from Secretary Clinton and her team, but we will keep looking for the truth. Our mission has always been to find all facts relevant to the attack for the American people.”

Congressman Westmoreland is a member of the House Select Committee on Benghazi and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, where he serves as Chairman of the Subcommittee on the NSA and Cybersecurity.

Please click here to watch Congressman Westmoreland’s segment on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on the Clinton emails.

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