Who's Who in India Supplement 1 (1912)/Kumaraswami Sastri, Calamur Viravalli, B.A., B.L.

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Kumaraswami Sastri, Calamur Viravalli, B.A., B.L., Diwan Bahadur, Madras Judicial Service, Member of the Board of Examiners, Madras, was born on 29th July, 1870, and educated at Madras Presidency College, where he passed all his examinations in the first class, holding both the Thompson and Elphinstone Scholarships. He also held the Morehead Law Scholarship and gained the Innes Medal at the B. A. examination. He belongs to a family who originally lived in the North Arcot District, his grandfather emigrating to Madras in 1842. He was the Hon'ble Mr. C. V. Runganadha Sastri, and the first Indian Small Cause Court Judge in Madras. The father of the Diwan Bahadur was Mr. C. V. Sundaram Sastri, a leading Vakil. Mr. Kumaraswami Sastri was recently transferred from his post of Judge of the Madras Small Cause Court, which he had held with distinction, to be District Judge of Berhampur. He possesses landed property in Madras and North Arcot. His title was conferred on the occasion of the recent Coronation Durbar, in recognition of his services to the public. Club: Cosmopolitan Club, Madras. Present Address: Berhampur, Madras Presidency.