Who's Who in India Supplement 1 (1912)/Nizam Sha

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Nizam Sha, Sardar Bahadur, Shri Kalika, Rudra Kalika, Surpa Kalika, Maha Kalika, Deogarh Sujagarh, Zemindar of Kutru, was born in 1887, and educated at the Rajkumar Callege at Raipur, and at Jagdalpur. He is the adopted son of Kesari Sha, the late Zemindar, of Kutru, who was descended from an old family of Deogarh. who marched towards the south of the Nerbudda and founded the Gond-Wana kingdom of Nagpur, before the Maratha ascendency. This family founded several towns to the south of Nagpur, and also the Kutru Raj. The zemindar has inherited the titles above recorded, with the exception of that of Sardar Bahadur, which he received on tin- occasion of the recent Coronation Durbar. He was duly placed in possession of the estates by the Political Agent of the Chattisgarh feudatories in 1904. and is subordinate to the Chief of Bastar State. He has proved a loyal and wise administrator of his estates, which have an area of about 1,300 square miles. In 1910 there was a rebellion among the Maria Gonds of Bastar State, and Nizam Sha then was of great assistance to the officials from Khalsa who were engaged in restoring order. When the Marias were about to enter his territory he marched with his men against them, and succeeded in averting the destruction of the school, police station and Government bungalow. In addition he' made prisoners of several of the insurgents. In the same year he was of material assistance to the police in the Chanda district who were in pursuit of dacoits. His title was conferred on him in recognition of these and other distinguished services to Government and the public. He is an enlightened zemindar and much loved and respected by his people and all who come in contact with him. Address: Kutru, Bastar State.