Who's Who in India Supplement 1 (1912)/Wali-Ullah Khan, Raja

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Wali-Ullah Khan, Raja, was born in 1867 and is the third son of Raja Hamid-ullah Khan of Rehlu, and uncle of the late Raja Azim-ullah Khan, who lost his life in the memorable earthquake in the Kangra District in 1905. The Raja is the representative of the descendants of Raja Karamullah Khan, of the Kashmir family who were Rajas of Rajauri. The last ruling chief was Rahim-ullah Khan, who died in 1847. The possessions of the family came under the dominion of the Sikh chief, Gulab Singh, and the family migrated to Rehlu, in the Punjab, where they have become important. The family were originally Hindus, and their descent may be traced from Raja Jir Rao, a Jhiral Rajput of the stock of the Mahabharat Pandars. They probably changed their faith in the early days of the Mohammadan conquest, and appear to have been of material assistance to the Moghal rulers. Raja Mast Khan received lands with a revenue of half a lakh from Akhbar, and some years later Raja Taj Khan gave his daughter in marriage to Aurangzeb. This daughter's son was the Emperor Bahadur Shah. The prefix of Mirza, borne by younger members of the family, originated in this connection with the royal house. Since the annexation the family have always been loyal to the British, and Raja Hamid-ullah Khan furnished levies which behaved in an exemplary manner in Hoshiarpur, Kulu, Kangra and Dharmsala. In recognition of these services Raja Hamid-ullah Khan received a khilat and the title of Raja Bahadur. The present Raja received his title on the occasion of the recent Coronation Durbar: he has done good service as an Inspector of Police. Address: Rehlu, Kangra, Punjab.