Who is responsible for Tashkent blasts?

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Who is responsible for Tashkent blasts?


My Muslim brother!

This is an open letter from IMU leader Muhammad Tahir Faruq; this open letter, expressing the IMU's attitude to the explosions of February 16, 1999, in Tashkent, explains there cause and consequences. Let the Muslims and the global community learn the truth about that incident. Let them know those who received advice and assistance from the external anti-Islamic forces, who oblige our ancient Muslim people to live according to the laws of the infidels, who slanderously attack Islam, who are the enemies of Islam.

Indeed, the condition of our country's Muslims has worsened. The changes that barely started in the 1970s-1980s proved to be not very deep. Atheists again reared their head, mosques were closed, the morning prayers were silenced, the freedom to offer prayers became restricted, the call to follow the path of Allah was forbidden, the sufferings of the 'ulama became even worse than before, they are being tortured with electrical appliances, arrested as drug addicts, and for possession of arms, while their corpses alone emerge from prisons.

Needless to say, these explosions are the expected result of oppression, the invalidation of legitimate human rights, terrorism, and dictatorial policies. This event is a reaction to persecution; it is the doing of people gone out of control. It is important to stress that the idea of replacement of the existing authority with an Islamic one is held universally. Islam grants us the freedom of personality, directs us along the rightful path, and endows us with with natural rights. People have lost the ability to think in the right way and act deliberately as a result of a policy of intolerable oppression.

The Creator will reward the Muslims for these torments in the afterlife, but the new generation is moving away from its faith and veneration of Allah, being imbued with Western culture. This is where the real trouble lies.

Therefore we ask you, dear brothers and Muslims of the whole world, in these hard times to be side by side with us, so that we could come through this ordeal with humility, following the Creator and returning to the righteous path-thus shall we find our religious rights, peace of mind, and be praised.