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Wikisource:Administrators' noticeboard (Archives)
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This is an index of archives; for recent discussion, see Wikisource:Administrators' noticeboard. Please do not post new comments on these pages; if you wish to revive a discussion, either move it back to the main page or link to it. Dates correspond to when the discussions were archived. Archiving may have been irregular with some months absent altogether.

For help archiving pages, see m:standard archival system.



  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011Checkuser notification|Bureaucrats|Username change
    • Other:Offer of abuse filters from ruWS|w:Wikipedia:Revision deletion|Alert messages to users — should we?|Special:BrokenRedirects|Autopatrol For Diego_Grez|Username Change request|IP user block|IP Page blanking|Request to have my outing oversighted|User:Hanteng and a speech of British Queen Elizabeth II|Move over redirect|New Gadget - UserMessages|The {{welcome}} template, an issue of its being changed|Proposal at WS:S|Discussion about test for admin inactivity|Edits to Abuse filters|Vandal?|CSS change request|Alert for a type of CSS spam|Poetlister|Ottava Rima|24 hour block|Resignation|User:Longfellow|With unnecessary/shock images|Abuse|Request for admin help|Cross ns redirects|Request for blocking a vandal user|Mysterious disappearance of an edit history entry|Somethin' new|Vandalism spree|FYI: edits to MediaWiki:Proofreadpage index template|User:|Blue Box|Advice please: Wiping Outlines of European History|Deleted FORENSIC EVALUATION REPORT|enWS being used to circumvent block|Special Delete|spam urls|Works protected in 2006 like The Gates of Somnauth & bits|Requesting autopatroller right|Another request for autopatroller rights|Autopatroller request|Blocked User:Suprashoesforcheap|Our mobile configuration needs discussion and implementation|I removed Maximillion Pegasus' "abuse filter editor" access right because of inactivity.|User:|New feature in Mediawiki 1.18|Generate Book / PDF not working?|Crosswiki spammer|Deletion request|Is it just me or|Academic Resource Credibility|Multiple issues regarding User:William Maury Morris II
  • 2012
    • Checkuser notification:Log
    • Bureaucrats:Rename request at Meta|Rename request|Username usurpation|Usurpation and rename|Usurpation and rename|Username rename|Page (un)protection requests
    • Protection requests: see WS:Protection requests/Archives/2012
    • Other:Editnotice capability|Spurious account creations x-wiki|Gadget ShowMessage|Alternate account|FYI MediaWiki:Powersearch-ns|Block request|Advice of spamming moved from WS:S|Edit protected|Category:Wikisource protected edit requests|User name weirdness|proposals, policy, guidelines, rules|Blocked 2 hacked email servers acting as proxies|External link watch at meta:|Block|Username change IIVeaa -> 1Veertje|Block evasion|Checkuser request|Large number of texts, help with adding to Wikisource|Intervention needed on close to 3RR|Spamming own talk page?|Time to archive?|Consideration of flood flag as part of admin tool kit|Requesting autopatrolled userright|Logon help needed., please|Rebecca6r|/* Request by wmm */|Time to retire or restructure Wikisource:Protection requests|Template vandalism reoccurring at other wikis|No meaningful content on Tak pages|Old IP blocks removed|Page:American Stud Book Volume XIII (1924).djvu/1|Request modification to Mpaa Vector.js|Is there such a thing as...|Category:Soft redirects|Protecting priority files at Commons|Commons deletions of WS files|Nominating to get OTRS feed|Block|Edit-protected request|Special:Book (Collections) has been updated|TimedMediaHandler coming this week|Main page|User Name|Maintenance reports|Wish to cancel or close my wikisource account|IP block exemption for User:BarkingFish|recommendation for autopatroller|Reality check please|Requested edit|Beeswaxcandle is unwell
  • 2013:Checkuser notification|Bureaucrat requests|Page (un)protection requests
    • Other:Blocked bot manages to edit|Edit-protected request|bad icon|Block request for Terry2012|Made TemplatePreloader load as default|Latin Help|Temporary access is requested|User name change is a loss ?|Edit war|Servers in Florida & Law|Requesting autopatrolled user right|Best way to rollback validations of pages of a single user|Source file must be fixed before proofreading|Validating speed issue + loss of an editor|User:Khesapeake|Heads-up on recent admin confirmation discussions|BarkingFish and sockpuppets|MODCHK|Resident Scholar|Tumblr|Wikisource site administration basics|Temporarily leaving some of the "Ntsamr" spam|Remove mwEmbed|A humble request|New Name Space|A little help here|Block request for spambots|Extension:Disambiguator|Wikisource sockpuppets|Problem with duplicate hosting|{{translation header}} preloaded in subpages|Can IPs change the proofreading status?|Requesting a feature to be made optional|Deletions|heads-up on watchlist script|[Mediawiki:Sitenotice] and https login|Looking at a third checkuser|Trying to add a link to authority control|Dated soft redirects|Finding errors and/or unpurged works|Vandalism?|Wikisource survey|Index:Canadian poems of the great war.djvu|Redaction/ Revision deletion request|A blacklist for Echo notifications|Google+|Taking major fiddling to or create a sandbox, please stop live editing|Usurping username|Problematic editing|Who is ?|Update the block text - 1st req.|Restore Salvador Allende's Last Speech|Update the block text - 2nd req.|3 block 5-6 character talkpages|Request to unlock Popular Science Monthly/Volume 1
  • 2014:Checkuser notification|Bureaucrat requests|Page (un)protection requests
    • Other:Update the block text - 3rd req|(all admins) Ancient blocks should be removed|Temporarily blocked Dexbot|User:Roseann1835|How to merge content along with history.|Special:Diff|Checkuser required, maybe?|Reinstating the PSM filter|Gadgetize a magicword?|User:Castaño Mallorca, Oliver|Logging simultaneously in on two browsers.|Special:MassMessage|Messages for editors without user pages?|Index:Emma (Volume 3).djvu|Retirement|Using discussion pages in the Page: namespace|Template:Cite news|Copying common.js of one user to another|Looking to setup multi-maintainer bot at Tools|Template:CC-BY-SA-4.0|Marking patrolled pages?|Autopatrolled request|When Moving Pages|Changing PieterJanR status to autopatroller|Local Hebrew Charinsert gadget error|Nav sidebar's Random family of links|Proposal for a disclosure policy|Purpose unblock of Crum375|New script to assist moves from Commons|"Jump up to:" labels for references — culled | Fatal error on file move | Need input for critical work | Index namespace input-form acting weird | Debt relief spammer | Third party User name moves | A request for rights for my public persona | The wind blows on Wikimedia Commons | Announcement: Tracking categories for images with attribution problems | Recent attacks on editors | OTRS | `utilising global spam filters
  • 2015