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Monthly Challenge Works not completed

This is a list of works that did not see completion to at least "Proofread" status in the 3 months they were in the Monthly Challenge.

The monthly challenge contains many thousands of pages and it's not expected to complete every work, due to limited editor time and varying interests in subject areas.

Re-nomination of these works is permitted. Individuals wishing to complete these works on their own outside of the Monthly Challenge are also welcome to do so.


Ordered by date of removal from the Monthly Challenge. Usually, this is the month following 3 months from the starting date.


August 2021[edit]

September 2021[edit]

October 2021[edit]

November 2021[edit]

December 2021[edit]


January 2022[edit]

February 2022[edit]

March 2022[edit]

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May 2022[edit]

June 2022[edit]

July 2022[edit]

August 2022[edit]

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October 2022[edit]

November 2022[edit]

December 2022[edit]


January 2023[edit]

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June 2023[edit]