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First day of Constituent Assembly of India (9 December 1946). From Left B. G. Kher and Sardar Vallabhai Patel; K. M. Munshi is seated behind Patel


This Wiki - internship project is being conducted for New Law College (Pune),under the guidance of Prof.Dr.Mukund Sarda, Dean and Principal of NLC by CIS A2K as part of this project at en wikisource; teams of students will acomplish proof reading, validation, compilation annotation etc. of Indian Laws and to begin with Copyright laws and Intellectual property laws at Portal:Copyright law/Copyright law of India

Next /intermittant stages of a (internship) project, may be conducted on english wikipedia for case studies part, and for questions answers, research etc on english wikiversity
College Building
College Entrance

Please do note that most of the faculty and student's first exposure of editing is begining with wikisource and may not necessarily have previous exposure to Wikipedia editing.


  • First common introductory session 21 February 2017
  • Topic wise Internship technical session and proofreading began for copyright team on 24 February 2017

Project Guides / Leads/ Faculty[edit]

Involved in Proof reading of Laws

Future Tasks and Plans and scheduling[edit]

Remaining tasks, plans and rescheduling[edit]

supporting wikisource users[edit]

Wikisource users who are supporting the activity directly or indirectly

List of Participating Students[edit]

  • Users working on this project can place {{User WikiProject IPNLC}} on their user pages, It will look like below.

    • Copyright team Students edited uptil now
  1. User:Vasu kohli BVPNLC (talk)(Contribs)
  2. User:Rishab Sharma BVPNLC (talk)(Contribs)
  3. User:Nikhil Pandey BVPNLC (talk)(Contribs)
  4. User:Shaambhavi Sinha BVPNLC (talk)(Contribs)
  5. User:Vishesh Kumar Singh BVPNLC (talk)(Contribs)
  6. User:Kritika goyal BVPNLC (talk)(Contribs)
  7. User:Rajat Shukla BVPNLC1 (talk)(Contribs)
  8. User:Sather Singh BVPNLC (talk)(Contribs)
  9. User:Hrithik Chaudhary BVPNLC (talk)(Contribs)
  10. User:Siddharth Sachan BVPNLC (talk)(Contribs)
  11. User:Twinkle Jha BVPNLC (talk)(Contribs)
  12. User:Shweta Kumari BVPNLC (talk) (Contribs)
  13. User:Dipankar Singh BVPNLC (talk) (Contribs)
  14. User:Kamran Alam BVPNLC1 (talk) (Contribs)

    • Patent Act team Students edited uptil now
  1. User:Utkarsh Mishra BVPNLC1
  2. User:Nikunj Mittal BVPNLC1
  3. User:Pukhraj Chaturvedi BVPNLC1
  4. User:Priya BVPNLC1
  5. User:Shivangini Shukla
  6. User:Mayank Kumar BVPNLC1
  7. User:Shreya BVPNLC
  8. User:Ravi BVPNLC
  9. User:Avinov Suman bvpnlc1
  10. User:Chakshu Thakral BVPNLC2
  11. User:Ashish Panday BVPNLC
  12. User:Medha Shahi BVPNLC2
  13. User:Subhagyabvpnlc1
  14. User:Bhawna Sharma BVPNLC
  15. User:Jyoti Mishra BVPNLC
  16. User:Dhananjay Joshi BVPNLC
  17. User:Gulfeshan kamaal
    • Geographical Indications of Goods.. Act Team edited uptil now
  1. User:Nisha Bhagawat BVPNLC
  2. User:Samujjal Choudhury BVPNLC
  3. User:Nisha Bhagawat BVPNLC
  4. User:Saurabh kumar Jaiman
  5. User:Sharika Sristi BVPNLC1
  6. User:Diksha Bhasin BVPNLC
  7. User:Pushkar Raj BVPNLC
  8. User:Rohit Kumar BVPNLC
  9. User:Deeksha Bajpai BVPNLC
  10. User:Neel Misra BVPNLC
  11. User:Sunita bal bvpnlc
  12. User:Natasha Jain BVPNLC
  13. User:Kukreja kajal BVPNLC
  14. User:Avil Kaintura BVPNLC
  15. User:Anima Singh BVPNLC
Internship Certificate
    • Trade Marks Act 1999 Act Team edited uptil now
  1. User:Surbhi Notyal BVPNLC
  2. User:Vinayak Tiwari BVPNLC
  3. User:Razia Wadhwa BVPNLC
  4. User:Pratik Jain BVPNLC
  5. User:Dipanjali Dutta BVPNLC
  6. User:Anant Nigam BVPNLC
  7. User:Samriddh Gupta BVPNLC
  8. User:Shailabh Tiwari
  9. User:Mohit Yadav BVPNLC
  10. User:Shivangi Srivastava BVPNLC
  11. User:Aayushi Anand BVPNLC
  12. User:Swapnil Bharati BVPNLC
  13. User:Anamika Sharma BVPNLC
  14. User:Anuradha Mehrotra BVPNLC
  15. User:Anubhav Pandey BVPNLC
  16. User:Siddharth singh BVPNLC

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Thanks for all support of all en wikisource community in this initiative.

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