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Story of the Day

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The goal of the project is too have a new story every day


The templates[edit]

To get the Story of the Day, just place one of the following templates anywhere you like on your user or user talk page.

Template What you see Pros
{{StoryOTD}} Today's story...

Stands out

You may also add the completely unformatted story of the day by using {{Wikipedia:Story of the day/{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTDAY}}, {{CURRENTYEAR}}}}. This allows you to create your own formatting.

Coordination, feedback, and questions[edit]

Every user is welcome to help coordinate the updating of SOTD. Any general inquiries and comments about the project are welcome at Wikisource talk:Story of the Day.

Have an idea for a new story or a story we should use?[edit]

Place your suggestions on the nominations page for review and consideration. Follow the instructions there for the correct procedure on how to do this.