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Wikisource:Transwiki log

This is the English Wikisource's transwiki log. For instructions and details, please see Transwiki on the Meta-Wiki. Note that users often transwiki articles without knowledge of the correct procedure, so that many transwikied pages may not be on this list; see the list of transwiki: pages.

Incomplete transwiki moves


Pages moved to Wikisource


TheProject 21:56, 22 June 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Pages marked to be moved to Wikisource on sister projects


Transwiki log on other language Wikisources


The table below is intended to help editors find the language they're looking for when they transwiki pages.

de (German)
es (Spanish)
fa (Farsi)
ja (Japanese)
pl (Polish)
ro (Romanian)