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This page explains what a WikiProject is, and provides information on starting a new one at Wikisource. For discussion of other Wikimedia sites see sister projects.

A WikiProject is a collection of pages devoted to co-ordinating long-term tasks on Wikisource.

Starting a new project


Before creation

  1. Read documentation for established wikiprojects below, Wikisource:Wikiproject DNB has well developed guidelines and related information. Projects also have discussion pages which are used to develop the scope and guides.
  2. Read Wikipedia's Wikiproject best practices for tips on creating a WikiProject.
  3. Discuss the project on the scriptorium and with other users.
  4. Ensure that scope and guidelines comply with those of the Wikisource project.


  1. Create a project to-do list, primarily the addition of new texts. Prepare Indexes for this.
  2. Identify existing pages within the scope of your project. A good way to do this is to maintain lists, from Special:Whatlinkshere etc., of the most important works related to your project.
  3. If possible, link to a sample works to give other editors an idea of the project's goals.
  4. Texts using scans for side-by-side proofreading is best practice. The preparation and use of djvu Indexes allows other to quickly and easily contribute to the scope of the project.
  5. Keep it simple, with brief instructions that allow users to contribute immediately. Separate complex or detailed discussion from the most frequently used notes and links.

Creation of the project

  1. Create the main project page as "Wikisource:WikiProject projectname".
  2. Make sure to add the project page to Category:WikiProjects.

Existing WikiProjects


This is a manual list of existing WikiProjects (see also the category). Feel free to join and contribute to ones you find interesting. If a project seems neglected, you can try to encourage increased participation and develop the project further in the collaborative spirit of Wikisource.

Specific content projects




Projects about Wikisource