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It becomes a momentous question whether our exaggerated estimate and desperate cultivation of schoolhouses and public education are not at the expense of the far more important domestic influences by which the characters of children are formed...If parents believe that the school is all in all, and can do every thing for their children...they will evade and neglect their own responsibilities. Where...there is blind faith in teachers and schoolrooms, we may be pretty sure that but little will be done to shape and conduct the home with reference to the higher mental needs of the children who live in it.Popular Science, 1874

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Socrates and two pupils: "Know thyself!"by Pietro della Vecchia.

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Home Education (1838) by Isaac Taylor, stressing the importance of a country life and favouring natural, rather than stimulated, growth of a child's mind.

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  • The Home Monthly,[1][2] a 19th century periodical "devoted to home education, literature and religion" published 1859-1863 by William M. Thayer.

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  • Charlotte Mason British educator who laid the cornerstone of modern homeschooling.
  • Elizabeth Ann Seton First native-born citizen of the United States to be canonized by the Roman Catholic Church.[3]

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