William Grey

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William Grey may refer to:
  1. Grey, William (d.1478), bishop of Ely and high treasurer
  2. Grey, William (d.1562), 13th Baron Grey de Wilton, of Sir Edmund de Grey, 9th baron
  3. Grey, William (fl.1649), topographer, burgess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, first to publish town history
  4. Grey, William (d.1674), Lord Grey of Werke
  5. Grey, William de (1719-1781), judge, 3rd son of Thomas de Grey, M.P., of Merton
  6. Grey, William (1818-1878), lieutenant-governor of Bengal and governor of Jamaica

Or confused with William Gray

  1. Gray, William (1802?–1835), miscellaneous writer, son of James Gray of Kircudbright, Scotland