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ALICE ARNOLD CRAWFORD.jpgALICE ARNOLD CRAWFORD. CRAWFORD, Mrs. Alice Arnold, poet. born in Fond du Lac, Wis., 10th February. 1850. At an early age she gave promise of brilliancy of mind and facility of expression. Her youthful talent was carefully fostered and encouraged, both by a judicious mother and by her friends. Her father, a man of sterling qualities of mind and heart, died when she was but four years old. At sixteen she was graduated from the high school in Fond du Lac. with honors. For several years after her graduation she taught in the public school and gave lessons in music. At the same time she wrote for the papers of her city, in one of which she had a regular department, besides furnishing several continued stories. Her poems and short sketches were published by various periodicals. When the Grand Duke .Alexis visited Milwaukee, Wis., she was called upon and furnished the poem of welcome. In September, 1872, she became the wife of C. A. Crawford, a banker of Traverse City, Mich., and that place was her happy home for two years before her death, which occurred in September, 1874. The year following an edition of her poems was issued in Chicago, and a second edition was published a few years later. Mrs. Crawford's whole life was in itself a poem. She left one child, a daughter, who inherits her mother's poetic temperament and bids fair to beecome as graceful a writer.