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NORRAIKOW. Countess Ella, author, born in Toronto, Canada, 9th November. 1853. She was educated in St. John. New Brunswick, and when quite young became the wife of a son of Hon. A. McL. Seely. a prominent statesman of the Dominion of Canada. Soon after her marriage she went abroad, and has spent many years in travel, having crossed the Atlantic Ocean eighteen times. She has resided in London, Eng., and in many cities on the Continent, chiefly in Germanv and Belgium. ELLA NOKKAIKOW A woman of the century (page 550 crop).jpgELLA NOKKAIKOW. She has visited the various cities of India and other parts of the Orient, afterwards returning to the West and spending some months in traveling through South America. After the death of her husband she took up her residence in New York City, where, in 1887, she became the wife of Count Norraikow, a Russian nobleman. She has since made a deep study of the methods of government that prevail in her husband's native land, where the Count was a distinguished lawyer, but because of his political opinions he has been an exile for many years. To Lippincott's Magazine," the "Cosmopolitan Magazine," the New York "Ledger," the "Independent," the Harper publications, the " Youth's Companion " and various other leading periodicals of the United States the Counters has contributed many articles on the political and social conditions of the Russian Empire. In collaboration with her husband she has translated several volumes of Count Tolstoi's short stories, which are being issued by a New York publishing house. She is now at work upon a book on "Nihilism and the Secret Police," which, it is said, will be one of the most impartial and accurate expositions if those subjects yet published.