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PUGH, Miss Esther, temperance reformer, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her father and mother were Quakers of the strictest sort. Mr. Pugh was for many years a journalist in Cincinnati, publisher of the "Chronicle," and was famous for is strict integrity. Esther received a fine education. ESTHER PUGH A woman of the century (page 601 crop).jpgESTHER PUGH. She early became interested in moral reforms, and soon became prominent in the temperance movement She was one of the leaders in the Crusade, and she joined the Woman's Christian Temperance Union in its first meetings. She was elected treasurer of the National Woman's Christian Temperance Union, and has served in that capacity for years. She was an officer of the Cincinnati union from the beginning, and she has given the best years of her life to the work. She was publisher and editor of "Our Union" for years. Her management has repeatedly aided the national order in passing through financial difficulties. She is a clear and forcible orator, and her addresses are marked by thought and wisdom. She has traveled in temperance work through the United States and Canada, lecturing and organizing unions by the score. She calls herself "The watch-dog of the treasury," and her co-workers call her "Esther, our Treasure." Her home is in Evanston, Ill., and she is busy in the good work.