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STOWELL, Mrs. Louise Reed, scientist and author, born in Grand Blanc, Mich., 23rd December, 1850. She is a daughter of Rev. S. Reed, a Michigan clergyman. She was always an earnest student. At an early age she entered the University of Michigan, from which she was graduated in 1876 with the degree of B. S. Afterwards she pursued post-graduate work for one year, and in 1877 received the degree of M. S. She was at once engaged as instructor in microscopical botany and placed in charge of a botanical laboratory, which position she held for twelve years. One of the leading features of that laboratory was the amount of original work accomplished in structural botany by both teacher and pupils. In 1878 she became the wife of Charles H. Slowed, M.D., professor of physiology and histology in the same university. Mrs. Stowell is a member of a large number of scientific associations, both at home and abroad. She is a member of the Royal Microscopical Society of London, Eng., ex-president of the Western Collegiate Alumna? Association, and president of a similar organization in the Fast. She is now actively engaged in the university extension work. Her contributions to current scientific literature number over one-hundred. All of her writings are fully illustrated by original drawings made from her own microscopical preparations, of which she has nearly five-thousand. For seven years she edited the monthly journal called the "Microscope." She is the the author of the work entitled "Microscopical Diagnosis" (Detroit, 1882). She has not confined herself to purely scientific literature, as she has written a large number of articles for popular magazines, illustrating each with charcoal, crayon or pen-and-ink sketches. LOUISE REED STOWELL A woman of the century (page 708 crop).jpgLOUISE REED STOWELL. While she has always felt and shown the deepest interest in the welfare and success of young women in pursuit of higher education, that interest has not prevented her from being engaged most actively in philanthropic work.