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FARMER, Mrs. Lydia Hoyt, author, was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Her family and ancestry include names prominent in the professions of law. theology LYDIA HOYT FARMER.jpgLYDIA HOYT FARMER. and literature. Her father is the Hon. J. M. Hoyt, of Cleveland. Ohio. Her mother was Mary Ella Beebe, daughter of Alexander M Beebe, LL. D. of New York. Her husband is the Hon. E J. Farmer, of Cleveland, who is the author of several works on politics and finance, and is engaged in large mining enterprises in Colorado. Mrs. Farmer was thoroughly educated in music, art and literature. For the past ten years she has contributed to the leading newspapers and popular magazines. Her writings have been various, consisting of poems, essays, juvenile stories, historical sketches and novels. She is the author of "A Story Book of Science" (Boston, 1886), "Boys' Book of Famous Rulers" (New York, 1886), "Girls' Book of Famous Queens" (New York, 1887), "The Prince of the Flaming Star" Boston, 1887). "The Life of La Fayette" (New York, 1888), "A Short History of the French Revolution" (New York, 18891. "A Knight of Faith" (New York, 1889), "A Moral Inheritance " (New York, 1890), and other works. Mrs. Farmer's books have received high commendation from the press, have had wide circulation throughout the country, and her "Knight of Faith," which is a strong religious novel, received flattering recognition from the Hon. William E. Gladstone, from whom Mrs. Farmer was the recipient of a personal note regarding her religious books. Her "Prince of the Flaming Star" is an operetta, and the words, music and illustrations are all of her production. Her "Moral Inheritance," is founded upon "Soul Heredity" and enters into rather novel fields in the realms of fiction. In her "Life of La Fayette" she had access to original files of newspapers, unique copies of works now out of print, and the private papers of the La Fayette family, and therefore has been able to incorporate in the book much that had been inaccessible to previous biographers. She has completed a historical novel, "The Doom of the Holy City: Christ and Casar." founded on the destruction of Jerusalem, and the scenes are laid in that city and in Rome as they appeared in the first century. She is an indefatigable student, pursuing metaphysical and philosophical research with intense avidity. Her novels are always written for a high purpose, and their whole tendency and teaching are healthful and elevating. Mrs. Farmer has for years instructed Bible classes of young ladies, having devoted a large portion of her time to Biblical study. She has passed most of her life in Cleveland, having resided in that city from childhood, with the exception of five years spent in the City of New York.