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LAUDER, Mrs. Maria Eliae Turner, author, born in St. Armand, Province of Quebec, Canada. She is of Norman and Huguenot descent, her ancestors having escaped from France to Germany at the time of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. Her late husband, A. W. Lauder, was for several years a member of the Ontario Legislature and a prominent barrister in Toronto. She studied in Oberlin University, Ohio, as women were not then admitted to the University of Toronto. She studied theology* two years under Rev. Charles Finney, D. D., of that institution. Mrs. Lauder has traveled extensively and is a fair linguist, joining a knowledge of Latin and Greek to that of several modern languages, the latter of which she speaks fluently. She was obliged to assume the entire direction of the musical education of her only son and child, W. Waugh Lauder, whose sole teacher she was until his eleventh year, and in the performance of that duty made many voyages, residing in Great Britain, Germany, France and MARIA ELISE TURNER LAUDER A woman of the century (page 462 crop).jpgMARIA ELISE TURNER LAUDER. Italy. She visited many parts of Europe, accompanied by her husband and son. During her residence abroad she formed the friendship of several musical celebrities and authors, and, armed with an introductory letter from the widely-known author and musical critic, Dr. Oscar Paul, of the Royal Conservatorium der Musik in Leipzig, she took her son to Sachse-Weimar, where he studied with Liszt. At the invitation of the great master, she took her son to Rome, where he played duri ng a part of the autumn and winter before the revered and genial Meister. During the year of her sojourn in Rome, she was presented at the royal court to their majesties, Umberto Primo and Queen Margherita, and was honored with private audiences with the queen, and invitations, both in the Ouirinn! palace, and the palace of Capo-di-Monte, in Naples. One of Mrs. Lauder's books, "Legends and Tales of the Harz Mountains " (London, 1881), is dedicated to Queen Margherita, and the Queen presented her her royal portrait with her autograph. She was presented, with her son, at the papal court to the venerable Pope Leo Tredici. She has also pub- lished "My First Visit to England" (1865), "In Europe" (Toronto, 1877), and many literary articles and poems have been published over a pen-name. She is prominent in all works of benevolence and is engaged in literary work. Her home is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.